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-George Norwood

Deepermind is designed to help people find the real truth about religion, philosophy, and science.  It seems impossible.  But consider new ways of looking at these things, and some new fundamental ideas come up to the task.

Deepermind's actual mission is to find love.  Love is more powerful than truth.  For example, if a gunman ran into my house and tried to kill my friend, who is  actually in my house, I would lie and say that my friend is not here.  This is love-truth. 

If I am in the midst of Christians, I would say that the Bible is a love letter from God.  Well the Bible does have other stuff in it, but saying this is love-truth.  Love-truth helps us feel better without causing harm.

Love-truth is stronger than truth because love gives it direction, purpose and containment.  Containment in that we don't try to say too much to people who do not care.  So say that fuzzy love is more in the right brain, and linear truth is more in the left brain. Actually this is not good neuroscience, both sides of the brain can do similar things, although certain centers such as speech are mostly on one side of the brain.

Pure literal truth can get us into trouble unless it is directed by love.  When we say God is love, this is love-truth combination. The physical laws of nature cannot be overcome by thought alone. Trees have fallen on people praying in church.  Love-truth must be supported in the material world by the natural laws God created.  We don't jump off buildings thinking God will save us. 

When we talk about the material world, then we add one more idea to love-truth dual truth. That is science. Now we have love-truth-science.

As a challenge lets look at love-truth-science as it applies to evolution. If we are teaching science, then the teaching of Darwom's evolution is appropriate. If we are in Sunday school, however we do not want the students to think we are all monkey descendants or maybe they will start acting like them.

So what to do?  My suggestion is teach that there are two separate evolutions.  One is the evolution of the soul which was created by God. The other one is of course, Darwin's evolution theory of the body.

We can see both types of evolution as children mature.  Our bodies started as a single cell, grew into an embryo and finally into a baby.  But as time the baby's soul grows.

So what is the soul? It has been said that the soul is the seat of our emotions, beliefs and moral character. It gives a will to learn and question.

The evolution of the soul is largely based on love. If a baby is raised without love it will fail to properly develop.  This is scientifically true and unfortunately has been proven in an orphanage in Europe.  If a person is raised in a home with little love the person will must likely have a young soul. 

I believe that we have a brain that is part soul and part brain tissue.  Certain brain cells have links to our consciousness which is akin to our soul.  There might be an interface made up of string theory tubes.  No one knows how this works. 

So the material brain is made up of atoms.  Atoms do not have awareness or emotions. It is the soul that makes us feel alive.

For a material brain to work at all it must be organized.  Some brain cells are directors and others are doers like in a business organization.

 Within the brain there are about 100 trillion brain cells (neurons) and these cells must work together.  If they do not, we have problems we call mental illness such as internal conflicts.  In the extreme people can have dissociative identity disorder, once called multiple personality disorder.

If the cells do not have a common purpose, then many of them will not only be in conflict, but be apathetic as well.  Inside the brain there must be pyramid-like structures that build a brain hierarchy.  Thus the brain must have a government.    Without an internal government, individual cells are free to do anything.

Without a government, and a strong management at the top, lower brain cells can take control. A person who has no internal government to speak of, may be a drunk or criminal.  There are some brain cells that kill other brain cells, and this is scientifically true.  Maybe 80% of our brain cells are killed by the time we are young adults.  Therefore the brain must have a strong police department.

A small group of brain cells are in top management. These cells do not have all the resources of the rest of the brain, but they control the brain.  So simple belief systems work best.

This is why conventional religion is so popular.  It is simple in general in its most important teachings.

Many people try to tie all truth together.  Things are too messy to tie all things together. It is far better to manage our lives with simple truths.

If you want a religion with freedom, check out the Unitarian Universalist Church. If you want a religion with new ways of looking at things look into the  newest religion, the Baha'i Church 

There are about twenty web pages on this site.  This page is the most up to date.  Other web pages might seem in conflict as my ideas change and I cannot change all the pages at once.

Feel free to browse around on this website using the Deepermind Table of Contents.  Many of my ideas come from these books which expand on my style of writing which often just states what I consider to be just facts.   and other things we do not have to attend to.)

Bottom line: To be happy and wise we need to believe in and connect with a loving God, the Thing behind all the stuff including goodness.  Scientifically stated God is our brain-mind reference.

 Table of Contents.

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