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-George Norwood

Deepermind is designed to help people built their own belief system.  Without any belief system a person tends to drift through life, merely reacting to what they bump into, often taking an apathetic approach to life.  Without a belief system, one tends to seek short term pleasure, and shunting the deeper life.  Many people continue to believe in a "truth" which is actually a canned belief system developed by others. This blind faith often hurts others, through prejustice (e.g. hating gays), and nonbelief in science (e.g. refusing vaccinations).  These true believers miss the joy of real learning.

It is wise for a person to continue to develop their own personal credo.  This credo ideally would be universal. It would deepen a person's spiritual life. It would embrace scientific methods and knowledge.  This search is the thrust of this website.  Deepermind is arranged like a book and has a Table of Contents.  Many of the ideas on this site were developed through the study of many great books including these.

In developing a personal credo, of course, words must be used.  The words we use form a mental map. Our credo is therefore is a mental map.  A good map reflects the territory accurately.  As the territory changes the map needs to be updated.   This map can represent the territory, or it can lead us astray.  The symbols used on the map (the words in our credo) must be carefully defined.  A word like "God" can be defined in many ways.

This personal map will have limits.  We are limited to our personal experiences, and what we have learned from others. Like blind men examining an elephant, we know only a portion of the truth. If we know only of the elephant's tail, we would think the elephant is like a rope.

People who know electronics can see information flowing through a circuit or network.  This concept can be applied to other things.  For example, our brains consists of neural networks with information flowing through axons and dendrites.  Two computers connected together must follow a procedure to exchange information. We might assume that there are procedures in the brain as well.  In electronics and computers block diagrams enable technicians to understand how complex systems work.  So in understanding how other systems work (e.g. our brains) work, the use of block diagrams and signal flow can be very useful.

But not everything can be broken down into circuits and block diagrams.  Our essence is that of an experiencer of life.  From this vantage point, we must consider the soul and consciousness.  Emotions are difficult to diagram.  Some things will remain intuitive.

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