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-George Norwood

Deepermind is designed to help people find their own truth about religion, philosophy, and science.  The method uses the principle of taking the best and leaving the rest.  We do not have to swallow the whole pill for any belief system.

The reason that people believe in a certain way is that their beliefs resonate within themselves to a high degree.  However, there are usually better ways of achieving deeper resonance no matter what our belief might be.  More education and growth is always good.

We all need an educator. If everyone made up there own rules without guidance, it would not be a good thing.  Some ideas are universal and if we follow them, things will always be better. 

But how do we avoid bad ideas.  Bad ideas in the physical world can be proven wrong through experiments.  Bad ideas in the non-physical world can be proven wrong because they hurt people instead of helping them.

Before we discuss religious and philosophical ideas we have to build up to it by going through some axioms.  It will make things clear later.

Our first axiom is: One should always treat everyone with kindness and love. 

For a long time I thought the most important thing in my beliefs system was truth.  But in the last few years I have found out the most important thing is love.  You can hurt people with just truth and ignoring love.

This can be illustrated by this scenario: If a gunman ran into a building and wanted to kill a particular person, I would lie about their location with no hesitation. 

The second axiom is: Always be truthful, except in situations where someone could get hurt.

You can be truthful and kind at the same time.  For example, if I were with a Christian, I would say The Bible is a love letter from God.  Now there is plenty of violence in the Bible, and a lot of killing.  For example, God kills everyone in the world, except Noah and his wife, according to the Noah's flood myth. (How can an infant be evil?) In saying the Bible is a love letter, I am also saying that anything in the Bible that does not conform to this idea, is outside the Bible as I see it. 

The third axiom is: Love gives truth direction and purpose.

We can be truthful and hurt people.  If we consider love we can present truth  that is helpful, kind, and considerate.

As shown in the diagram below, love and truth come first in that order.  Next we discuss science and belief systems.



The forth axiom is: In the material world, science is our source of truth.

The first words of the Christian Bible state that God made the world.  This is reflected also by most religions around the world.

If God made the world, then the world is a reflection of God's direction. Instead of reading books written by man who were supposed to be inspired by God, if we study the universe, we can also come to know God.

God created the most perfect system of natural laws that allows man to live on earth.  These laws are always there for us to learn.  Using the laws we can make ourselves feel comfortable with new inventions. 

But science has it limits.  Human psychology is not pure science and spirituality is far from material science.  We need something more.

The answer is not metaphysics with its astrology, numerology and other superstitions.  There has to be something much better.

The fifth axiom is: Our beliefs make us who we are.

We need a belief system at our core.  With a proper belief system, we can be wise in what we think, do and accomplish in life.  Without a good belief system we can be worse than an animal.  A proper belief system can help eliminate suffering and depression.  More about this later.

The sixth axiom is: Beyond matter, energy, time and space, people have souls and souls enable consciousness.

In science we find the idea that everything in the material world is made up of atomic particles.  For example, the brain is made up of these particles, which build up atoms and molecules.  The molecules build up brain tissue.

But atomic particles have no feelings; no consciousness.  Have you ever heard of an atomic particle that was happy or sad.  Is there a particle out there that has feelings or consciousness.  But everyone has feelings and consciousness.  Hey something is missing.  

Consciousness has been called the crack in the cosmic (scientific) egg.

Since consciousness exists, there must be a mechanism causing it.  I will define this as the soul.  The soul allows us to experience life.  It is the mechanism that allows consciousness.  Without a soul there could be no science as there would be no consciousness.

How the brain interfaces with the soul and consciousness no one understands. But it does. 

The seventh axiom is: The brain and the soul work in hand in hand.  What we do and think is reflected in both the soul and the brain.

The reason for the axiom above, is we can see the brain causing us to (1) loose consciousness, and (2) we can also loose consciousness through the soul.

(1) If the brain is physically damaged we can loose consciousness. A head injury can knock us out.

(2) If the soul is damaged we can loose the will to live.  A sick soul can cause us to be depressed or cause other mental health problems.

When we sleep, both the brain and the soul seem to go into repair mode.  During sleep we dream in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

During non-REM sleep, perhaps the brain slows down and almost stops, but the soul remains, keeping us alive.

The eight axiom is: The brain has 100 trillion brain cells and something needs to manage all these cells.

In addition to producing consciousness, the soul may be responsible to the organization of how different parts of ourselves work together.  It may be the central organizing factor that help produce an overall government of these 100 trillion brain cells.

Without an organizing factor the brain would immediately fail.  There would be no overall purpose.  Different departments of the brain would fight.  Barriers would be created making some departments walled off from others. Wars between departments would be common.  People would have many personalities and the left hand might beat on the body while the right hand would try to stop the left hand.

There has to be something that is the head of all these cells.  With this many brain cells, something has to keep all the cells to work together and not fight (conflicts within the mind) or isolate themselves (multiple personalities). 

There must be a government of the mind to keep it working together.  Otherwise some lower departments who only know one aspect of life would try to take over the brain.  We see this in deviant people who only think about drugs or sex.

The ninth axiom is: There must be brain cells who are top managers in the government of the brain.  These top brain cells must have simple basic standards to govern the brain.

In any government there is a president, CEO or top manager and so there must be top brain cells.  These top brain cells must have a reference or set goals. 

For any complex system there must be a loop between what is being done and the controls for the operation.  There must be a reference that sets the standards.

A car on cruise control, has a reference speed.  If the car senses it is going to fast, it will reduce the gas flow to the engine. If the car sense it is going too slow it will increase the gas flow to the engine.

Brain cells lets us know if we need water by telling us that we are thirsty.  Somehow the amount of liquid in the body is measured.

In a similar way, the top brain cells need to measure the progress of the person. The top brain cells reference a standard of what is good and what is bad.  This is our basic belief system.  If this is taken away, we become aimless.

Each brain cell in the brain has a support network.  The top brain cells are remote from the day to day activities of complex activities that occur in everyone's life.  Exactly how to we wash the dishes.  We just get the job done.  It is done by lower brain cells.

So at the top, the top brain cells have to keep things simple.  For example love and service may be our top purpose.  Each organized religion has a small collection of simple beliefs that define the core of the belief system.

For example, the Unitarian Universalist Church has two main beliefs and those are love and service. Christians believe in love and the ten commandments.  The newest world-wide religion, the Baha'i Faith believes the essential unity of all great religions, that we have a immortal soul, and the equality of men and women.  Buddhists believe that all live entities are equal, samabi (concentration, meditation), prajna (discernment, insight, wisdom, enlightenment).  Hindus believe that truth is eternal, Brahman is truth and reality, the Vedas are the ultimate authority, we should observe dharma.

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