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-George Norwood

Deepermind is designed to help people built their own belief system.  Without any belief system a person tends to drift through life, merely reacting to what they bump into. With no purpose they are apathetic to the deeper part of live. Without a belief system, a person tends to act in a primative manner, forever seeking short term pleasures and missing a fulfilling and deeper life.

But without some pleasure life would be dull and rather sad.  Therefore Deepermind emphasis a middle of the road approach, not going to extremes.  We eat good food, but know when to stop.

Deepermind asks people to think about what they believe and avoid someone else's belief system created so many years ago.  Deepermind believes in freedom, but also responsibility. 

So what should we believe in?

Most religions contain much dogma you must accept to be a member of the organization.  In contrast, Deepermind does not require or want everyone to accept a belief system, but be different and look for their individual truth. This is one of the core beliefs of the Unitarian Universalist Church.  Love is more important than everyone believing the same thing.

Individual beliefs are called credos.  As one meets many people with different credos, there is much consideration and one can see things from many advantange points.

My credo begins with the premise that there are two things that are two concepts that are fundamental and they are: love and science.  Love gives purpose, and science generates knowledge.

Feel free to use the Deepermind Table of Contents were one can find many ideas contained on website. In depth information on some of the topics can be found in these recommended books.

Some more of my credo: Words are only symbols for meaning.  Language is like a map and meaning is like a territory.  Thus words can reflect the truth (the territory) or can be in error and drawn incorrectly.

 For example the word "God" has different meanings to different people.  So before we use words like "God" we have to define what we mean.  Are we talking about a personal feeling or experience, or something behind the universe or some combination of these meanings.

Meaning can have a pattern or a flow.  Mathematics is the study of patterns.  Electric signals imply a flow.  Like a river, information can flow down a wire or through the air as electromagnetic vibrations or sound waves.

 Within the brain signals from our senses are processed so that somehow they have meaning to us.  This seems simple, but little is known how the brain presents the world to the user of the brain. 

We cannot be just inert matter, atoms, molecules or brain tissue.  We are alive and experience life.  We have consciousness.  There are no happy atoms.  There must is something beyond the material world.  The old words "soul" or "spirit" come to mind.  Many can feel this something.

One might point out that the brain, made up of 100 trillion cells more or less needs organization and leadership less it becomes in conflict with itself.  Therefore everyone needs to believe in something that keeps all the brain cells working with purpose.  And this brings us back to love.

More Deepermind is available in the Table of Contents.

Feel free to write me.  Open to new ideas.
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