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                       Table of Contents

-George Norwood

Deepermind is designed to help people built their own belief system.  Without any belief system a person tends to drift through life, merely reacting to what they bump into. With a strong belief system one becomes a true believer and blindly trusts a particular group with lots of prejudice.

By understanding many viewpoints one can an unique way that allows choice and verification.  This is the way of Deepermind.  Instead of tasting only one fruit, every fruit can be accepted or rejected.  This method is not for the faint of heart as it requires a good educations in diverse subjects.  These subjects include: the study of words and language, mathematics, logic, psychology, philosophy and religion. Although this seems difficult, hopefully this book will be written well enough for most people to understand.

We may not all agree. Some things will resonant with you, and some things might not feel right.  Whatever map you draw, it is authentic for you at the moment, because you verified it yourself by looking at it from many angles.  If you write down what you believe, it becomes your personal credo instead of a creed.  I suggest you keep a loose-leaf notebook as your belief will keep getting better.

True words are like a good map.  A good verble map is when the words match the territory. The territory often is invisible, so it is not easy.  Be sure to define your words such as "God", and "democracy".  Without defintion, words are noise in the air or marks on paper.

Everyone speaks their version of the truth.  Like blind men examining an elephant, each person knows only a portion of the truth. Some people have different amounts of expertise depending on their interest and training.  For example, an electronic  modem that connects your computer to the internet can been seen as electronic circuit, a block diagram, what it does, how it interacts with other equipment, its history, and how it performs in the market place.

When we talk about the soul, consciousness, mind, perception, the emotions -- we must give clear definitions, be able to understand another's viewpoint and see things in more than one layer.  There may be different truths for different people and acting as a catalyst is all we can do.

This material is never the final truth nor is it in best form.  Growth requires constant revising.  The Internet is a perfect place to disseminate ideas that mature. If you have comments, please contact the author through this email address:

Deepermind is an on-line book that is divided into chapters as expressed in the Table of Contents.

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