The Brain is Like a Tree and
is a Another Matter

The brain is like a tree. Some brain cells are near the top of the brain, others are in the middle and some lay at the bottom of the brain. A tree has its crown, its midsection and its roots.


But more over, the brain cells have local structures where some brain cells supervise other brain cells. Brain Science has shown that many brain cells die between birth and the early twenties. Are they murdered or do they commit suicide? This is why I think brain cells are supervised and are done away with if the cells are not good cells that help the person. All the wrong ways of doing things, we forget, and perhaps the brain cells are no longer with us.

Some of the topics that will be presented here are:

  • The brain structure is like a tree.
  • Each branch is a series of logic and inspection.
  • There are branches attacted to other branches.
  • At the top of the tree we have our true self.

Overall the brain seems to be interface between the outer world and ourselves. What I mean by ourselves here, is the thing some people call the "soul" which experiences the flow of time. The word "soul" here means that mechanism that gives us consciousness. Since the brain is ordinary matter it is made from atoms. The atoms form molecules, and the molecules form brain tissue. But the atoms of the brain seem to have some ability to tunnel into consciousness mechanism that we do not understand.

If we take a sleeping pill we go to sleep. Thus the material world effects our consciousness. But our consciousness also affects our brain. For example, if we want to stay awake, often we can for extended periods.

I would say that the brain is not arranged as flat. The brain has been compared to the Internet but all its nodes are more or less equal. The brain routs information through dedicated lines. The Internet time shares its information.

The inclusion of hierarchy makes it possible that the best and most experienced part of us takes care of us. We might righly assume that the cells dealing with power have higher authority and power. Beyond the brain, there is our true self that governs what we do. It somehow interfaces with most of the brain. The brain is divided into branches. Each branch is a department with a function. If there is a conflict between departments, then it must be resolved. The resolution is carried out by a function at a higher level. There are higher branches that resolve lower branch problems. At the top of the brain is where you can no longer pass the buck.

Top of the Tree

Thus there are hierarchies within the brain. Some brain cells are at higher positions than others. There are about 100 billion synapses within the brain that connect brain cells together. A brain cell or neuron fires when enough pulses enter

The neuron "counts" how many pulses enter from the dendrites and how fast the pulses occur. Thus a busy input will allow a neuron to fire quicker. The effect is like that voting takes place in the brain. The more inputs and the quicker they occur produces a voting effect. Thus something that is important will trigger more brain cells.

Top of the Tree

If enough of the right brain cells are triggered, an emotion may be generated. There are different emotions at different levels of the brain. As the base of the brain, base emotions can be generated. One prominent emotion of this type is fear. Fear is generated at the base of the brain.

This should not be confused with supporting functions such as breathing, sleeping and blood circulation functions. In general the more primitive parts of the brain are carried out at lower levels. As the brain evolved it added layers. The top layers are located in the frontal cortex behind the forehead.

In the middle level of the brain, we find maxillary functions in the behavior of mammals. The instincts such as sex and child care reside in this region. This area is the middle of the tree where there are the most branches.

There are also higher emotions such as joy and the pleasure we get from doing good things for others. These feelings and the associative logic occur near the top of the tree. At the top of the tree there are fewer branches but more power. The departments near the top of the brain, have the power to make compromises and resolve conflicts at lower levels.

The ground is solid and keeps the tree from falling. Yet it is primitive. The upper levels of the tree must allow outlets for the lower levels. Thus instincts of sex, fighting, eating and sleep must be given due credence. If we feel like fighting, the upper levels must make decisions. If its a physical fight pending, can we talk our way out of it, or run fast enough to avoid pain.

Top of the Tree

Tree Analogy Brain Structure Inner Life
Crown Branches High Level Frontal Lobe Inner Wisdom
Mid Branches Limbic System Drive to Live
Trunk/Root System Brain Stem Maintaining Life

As we perceive though our senses, we dream of reality. It is not any ordinary dream. We share this dream with others which is a big difference from what we ordinarily call a dream. As we see earth and water, we can also understand the correlation between the what we see and what we feel. The water feels wet and cool. The mud feels sticky and dry ground feels solid. We can hear our splashes in the water, and smell the aromas of the forest.

Out senses work in concert in our dream of reality. There is cause and effect. If we leave our coat in the car, it is still there (most likely) the next day. There is a consistency about the reality dream. The reality dream interfaces with the hierarchy of the brain. We not only feel reality, but we can think about what we think and do. One of the major problem within brain science is consciousness. This mechanism is how we feel reality, and though it is basic to all levels of investigation, little is known about how it works. I find the best understanding of consciousness is through Buddhism. In Buddhism there are different sects. But the idea of self is more clearly defined in the more modern sects that include contemporary ideas such as science. The idea that the world exists and we observe the world instead of being part of the world seems to make more sense to me.

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