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Many Directions

The truth is hitting us from many directions.  All the religions, science and philosophy are seeing the same truth in different distorted ways.  What is truly basic is that there is something above our consciousness that keeps us from going crazy.  Our brain is made of billions of cells.  Each cell is independent to a certain extent and without guidance would pull us in different directions. In order to get all the cells on the same page, we need a kind and wise teacher from within.

Without a teacher, as such, some cells would stage a coup within us or make us so confused. For example, alcoholic cells can destroy our life.  To counter this, we a strong leader above us, that is kind, knows more than we do and can answer our questions about life.  By being truly spiritual, we can tap into this extremely smart and wise source. 

The connection to this source is within us.  The connection is not in heaven, or outside us.  For believers, this connection connects to the maker of the whole universe. Nonbelievers might not agree.  But this source is real.

The connection we can assume is part of our brain.  It causes the brain to work as a whole.

Just calling it a connection does not give it enough importance.  Some call it God.  God is a word that needs a definition.  So many people think they know all about God, I think we need a different word.  I choose to call this interface our superconsciousness.    It is an interface between us and God. 

If we don't tune in to our superconsciousness we suffer the consequences. For example  If we believe in only science, then we are just atoms and particles.  People, then could be regarded as just atoms and particles.  Everything would be without the beauty of human nature.  We would be lost.

We have to build our superconsciousness connection though spiritual practices. We can talk to our superconsciousness and ask for advance if we do our homework. We need to be spiritually educated. 

Where to Start

First we must learn what we can about all religions, all philosophies and science.  We must learn about ourselves though religious practices such as meditation.


Some individuals can teach us important truths.  For example, Don Miguel Ruiz's book The Four Agreements, Companion Book  is a very good read.  Ruiz explains that we are always dreaming, even when we are awake.  Our dream while we are awake is a special dream orchestrated by our senses.  If we are to grow and be wise, we learn how adjust our reality dream so it optimizes our life.


Religions are Based on Stories

All religions are belief stories. In one sense they are all telling the same story in many different ways with a lot of superstition thrown in.  If we stick to the general gist of the story, we are better off than trying to believe all the details.  So like washing off the dirt from the surface of the writings, and removing all contractions and seeing what things are common between religions and science we have a giant step forward.

If some teachings seem like made up stories, let them alone.  If the teachings bear fruit, keep them.  So what is left?  Some of the stuff that has helped me include: The Five Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  These agreements include "do the best you can", "be honest", "do not take anything personally", "don't make assumptions" and "be skeptical but learn to listen". 

From Christianity I like the ideas: "believe in God", and "love your neighbor".  Also the books such as Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch updates old religious beliefs with renewed insight.



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