Readings Before Bedtime by George Norwood (c) 2023


If I have anything I will do it now. If I have a worry or something I feel compelled to think about, I will write a note to myself so I can do tomorrow. Now I am free for full concentration on these words.

Oh my Guide, my Source, (my God) I give up!
Oh my Guide, my Source, please guide me. I am being guided.
Oh my Guide, my Source, help me listen to you. I am listening.

As I reflect the day,
Have I done my best? Now and forever, I will do my best.
Have I felt your presence? Now and forever, I will feel your presence.
Have I followed your guidance? Now and forever, I will follow your guidance.

Have I taken anything personally? Now and forever, I will not take things personally.
Have I lost myself in wanting love, things, and everything “perfect”? Now and forever, I will not want.
Have I been impeccable with what I say? Now and forever, I will think before talking.
Have I been impeccable to bring out the best in others? Now and forever, I will bring out the best in others.

Have I made assumptions about other people or pets? Now and forever, I will not make assumptions.
Have I made negative comments about others? Now and forever, I will not gossip.
Have I thought negative thoughts about myself? Now and forever, I will not think negative about my whole self.

Have I sought truth and happiness? Now and forever I will seek truth and true happiness.
Have I learned something new? Each day I will learn new things.
Have I sought inspiration? Each day I will find inspiration.

Have I been a slave to excessive lower Charka energies? I will control my lower wants.
Can I control my anger? Each day I will forgive and love everyone and myself.
Can I control my sexual energy? Each day I will integrate my sexual energy with love and respect.
Can I control my appetite? Each day I will eat excellent food in excellent amounts.
Can I control my power? Each day I will be gentle, and nice, and save my power for emergencies.
Can I control my confusions about my being? Each day I will renew myself, drawing closer to God.
Can I be extraordinary. Yes, each day I achieve the extraordinary sense of being.

Can I find purpose? Each day I will renew my purpose.
Can I love myself? Each moment I will love myself.

Loving God is singularly the greatest and the most transformative gift I can give myself.
Loving myself is the second greatest and the second most transformative gift I can give myself.

No matter what has happened in the past, I have the power to love God and myself entirely and unconditionally no matter what is happening.

Now I will close my eyes and let a wave of pure love pour from the center of my being. This is a huge wave so large that it sends chills though my body. All tension and worry now quickly fade away.

I am now filled with serenity, peace and love. The gentle wave now flows over my face. All facial muscles are now becoming soft and relaxed. This relaxation now passes down to my neck. It continues to flow its magic into my shoulders, down my arms into my hands and fingers.

The wave now bounces back from my fingers and continues up my arms and though my shoulders. It starts to rotate around my head. It is not only relaxing, but healing bringing my eyes, mouth and ears to feel the best sensations of health and vigor.

The healing force continues to rotate around my throat, around my lungs and stomach. It bounces back from the stomach and reaches the top of my spinal column and continues to spin down healing each vertebrae. At the last vertebrae it spins around my hips, and my organs. It now spins around my legs, spinning around my legs across my knees into my thighs, my ankles, and across my feet and toes.

I now do a body wide scan looking for things to heal and relax. I send loving energy to everything I find. Every part of my body is reviewed including each cell, each organ and each nerve. I am totally relaxed and healed.

Feeling pure, light and extremely good, I now count to five as I slowly breath deeply inwards. I pause on a count to five. I exhale slowly on a count of five. Repeat this four more times.

Now I will concentrate on affirmations that will bring peace and purpose to everything I am doing and everything I will be doing.

I love my Guide, my Spirit. I love myself. I am a beautiful soul. I am worthy of intense love. I am perfect exactly as I am. I am loved. I am good. I am balanced. I am me in all that I think and all that I feel. I feel intense unity. I am aligned with my Guide who gives me true and pure console. I will follow my Guide's advice and let it manifest. If there is anything I do not understand, I will have a conversation with my Guide.

I am complete. I am good though and though. It is safe for me to be me. I deeply and profoundly love Spirit and myself. I can feel the love of Spirit passing through me. Oh Spirit, I love you!!

I deserve to be enriched. I know that I am lovable right down to the tip of my toes to the top of my head. I have been born completely lovable. I deserve to be deeply and profoundly loved. I deserve to be adored. I deserve to feel fulfilled. I deserve to be treated with love and respect. I deserve to be happy and care free. I deserve to be expressive and joyful. I deserve to feel safe and secure. I deserve to feel intense peace.

 I am complete.  It is safe for me to be me. I am good through and through.

I am here, right now. The past is never here. The future is not here yet. Its the way it works. I am just here right now. Every second is a new second.  I am centered right now on what is going on right now. Oh my Guide, my Source, I release all my thoughts.

The only thing I need to do is turn off the lights and then nothing but sweet peace. I have no extraneous thoughts. If I have a thought, it will quickly turn into blue mist that dissolves in the breeze. My mind now is now so blank, and my feelings are filled with happiness and joy.

I allow this wave of sweet nothing to engulf my being. I firmly believe that that sleep is so necessary to health and happiness. I am now going to sleep. I cannot help myself do anything else. I feel good right to the center of my core. These words are working deeply and profoundly. Sleep.. Sleep.. Sleep...


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