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Did you know that molding forces are most likely are controlling your life, making you fearful, sad, unproductive. These forces have most likely determined your beliefs.  It is time to wakeup and get a new prospective.

One of the biggest culprits are memes.  Memes are subconscious messages we get that force us to conform.  All it takes is a glance, a brief mention, the power of music of to draw us in. Television commercials directly work on our subconsciouness.

 When you become aware of what is going on, you can select what gives you the most joy and purpose. You can determine the best direction for your life, but selecting your own path.  The truth is calling us from countless directions.

Many icons of our culture are only partly right and cause harm.  The Bible endorses slavery, the USA is a republic, and not a democracy, and apple pie is not the best thing to eat.

You might wonder what gives me the right to go against many hallmarks of our culture.  I have studied science and philosophy in depth, obtaining a degree in psychology, and receiving advanced training in electronics and computers.  This scientific training is complimented by spiritual training at the Center of Spiritual Living, and the fact that I have enriching experiences a with the Sufis, Buddhists, and Hindus. My forty year career as a technical writer has given me tenacity to search for the truth. 

Join me in the journey of understanding and the joy of really living.  What is reality?  What is consciousness?  What is Gestalt?  How is the brain organized? What practices can we use to improve our mind, our emotions, and our lives.

Oh yes, I believe in God.

George Norwood

972 644-2911


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