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Chapter 2

The Soul.

What is the Soul?

The soul is the support that creates the feeling of being alive. It allows us to experience life, ourselves, the world and the people in our lives.

How the engine works is a mystery, but the proof it is real is simple.  Here we are experiencing life.  We cannot talk with animals so their experience in life is difficult to know, but ask a pet owner and they will know that animals experience life too.

The soul is connected to the brain, and the mind, but it is not either of these as the brain is physical, and the mind is probably mental software.  The soul is outside science and the physical world. Yet we experience its effects all the time. 

The soul gives us day to day awareness.  It gives us consciousness.  Consciousness has been referred to as the crack in the cosmic egg.

We know we are alive and experiencing life.  In science there are four major items, namely mass, energy, time and space.  Yet it is obvious we experience awareness.  Awareness has no mass, has no measureable energy, and it is not related to time nor space.

Believing in the soul opens up a door. If we open it too wide, our imagination can expand without warrant.

If we open the door a crack, we can experience God. To gain access to God, one has to concentrate on good things such as love and peace and the wisdom of God.  By doing spiritual practices we can climb the ladder up to God.

Try opening the door a little, it might change your life.

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