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Table of Contents 1/16/21.



1 God - fair 6: exists created shared right and wrong kind
kind. Attractant, science, consciousness predestination, decisions Baha'i, UU, question, Ask, Presence

     1.1 Baha'i Faith - Nothing

    1.2 Personal Background - Poor need more

2 The Soul - Edit What is the Soul

3 Spiritual Emotions - Good Mindfulness Mediation

4 Beliefs - More on topic -

     4.1 History of Belief - Stone Age, Modern

     4.2 Truth and Beliefs -

     4.3 Finding Religious Truth

5 Insight

6 Consciousness

7 Self

8 Purpose

9 Body

     9.1 Brain

     9.2 Three Brains

10 Earthy Emotions

     10.1 Grouping Earthy Emotions

     10.2 Maslow 

11 Tasks

12 Relationships

13 Imagination

14 Inner World

15 Language

     15.1 Propaganda

16 Music

17 Physical World

     17.1 Science 


Each chapter covers a topic such as "The Soul".  These topics are related to each other.  Major relationships are indicated by the arrows in the diagram below. For example Chapter 2 shows that it is between Chapter 1 (God) and the Chapter 3 (spiritual Emotions)  and Chapter 5 (Insight). 

It could be argued that God should be placed next to the Self. But as we narrow the self to how a person views themself, it is not as good a fit.  But keep in mind that the brain and the other parts of ourselves and the universe are all part of the one universe. 

So this diagram is not to be used as an absolute chart of truth or something, but a tool for discussion and will offer some orientation for the reader.

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