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Chapter 8


Our purpose is like a magnet that draws all parts of us to a particular cause.  A magnet will align iron filings so they point towards the poles of the magnet.  They are ordered, and beautiful. The parts of the mind also have a direction, and when they are collectively aligned an energy is created.

Without the magnet of purpose the different parts of the mind point in many directions and the result is a shallowness that results in a mixed up person literally.  There are always many things to do, and when all the options are equal and weak, the person ends up doing nothing.  The person feels bored, lifeless and aimless.

But a bored person still wants excitement, so they often seek fictional excitement by watching something on the electronic media.  They get evolved in someone elses story, which is pumped up with melodramas where there is often killings, chase scenes, and other exciting but otherwise meaningless.

Strong purpose gives us a reason for living.  With a strong purpose, we bound out of bed in mornings knowing that wonderful things are in store.

Without Purpose

People without purpose want to be entertained. They want to escape the haunting feelings of not knowing what to do next. Without purpose the world seems vague, and nebulous.  Everything is scattered and overwhelming boring.

Being with friends can distract us from being with ourselves.  By loving ourselves, we can unlock our confusing journey through life.


One needs insight to understand themselves.  Looking inside ourselves we can discover what going on.  What forces are pushing me around. 

The self is made up of many parts. By examining each side of our personality, we can find out where that part wants to go, where that parts belongs and how that part is fulfilled.

Selecting a Career

These are the steps that will help you find a job:

1. Do what you love to do.  If you have a mission, a passion for doing something, you have most of the problem solved.

2. But you need to be good at it. Do you have the training and experience?  Keep going to school and pick jobs for what they can teach you.

3. Look at what the world is needing now.  Every problem is an opportunity.  If there is a hail storm there are cars to fix.

4. Better jobs are professional vocations.  There is more money and benefits.  Make a list of the steps it takes to a higher level job. 

Fears can keep you in a job that is frustrating and does not pay well.  Follow your passions.

Going Deeper

Have a conversation with God about finding purpose.  If you connect deeply, you will get clear advise that will give you a fulfilling path.


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