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Chapter 8


The Central Motivating Force

People with purpose a reason to get up in the morning, that is they have a direction in their lives. Purposes are powerful forces. They guide life decisions, influence what we do, shape our goals, create meaning and offer a sense of direction,

What is Purpose?

Having a purpose might seem vague, and nebulous.  But purposes are actually quiet common.  For example:

Work... a meaningful, satisfying profession

Family and friends... taking responsibility for those they love.

Spirituality and religious beliefs...  finding fulfillment with deep meaning.

Joining an group... finding a purpose with other people in an organization.

During ones life their purpose will change. A young child is happy with their family and having fun. An old person  be unique for everyone; what you identify as your path may be different from others. What’s more, your purpose can actually shift and change throughout life in response to the evolving priorities and fluctuations of your own experiences.

How to Find Your Purpose

Here are some questions you might ponder.

Who am I?

Where do I belong?

When do I feel fulfilled?

Going a step deeper, one of the best ways to find purpose, is to have insight into yourself and your beliefs. What is your deepest and highest aspect to your being? Through prayer you can build a path to God who will help you understand yourself and your questions.

Recommended  books which support many of my ideas.

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