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Chapter 9

The Brain.

What Gives us Experiences?

The brain is apparently the main organ that gives us the experiences, the senses, and feelings of being alive.  We say apparently, because there is likely more to the brain. We have consciousness which might be an aspect of brain processing or something else perhaps in a higher dimension.

Most of the scientific literature is based on descriptions of different parts of the brain, and where the functions of the brain take place.  Nerve pathways in the brain show that nerves are dedicated to specific meaning.

The brain has neutrons, brain cells that gate information. A neutron has a specific threshold for firing.  It fires when a certain number of pulses are received in certain time period.  Thus it is digital as it works with pulses, and analog in that it also works with the density of pulses over time.

Neurons are connected by synapses which conduct a signal between the neurons.  Neurons can be fired based on chemicals that surround it, on the signal density, and the chemicals within the synapse.  There are fast firing synapses and slow firing synapses. the slow firing synapses may take weeks to fire.

Why Hierarchies are Fundamental to Understanding the Brain

Consider that the brain is made up of billions of small neurons. Each neuron or group of neurons has a small job to do. If that was all there was to it, the neurons would defend themselves, have their own agendas, and might wall of themselves from the rest of the brain.

For the neurons to cooperate with each other, they must have use some type of organization. It could be like the Internet, with no one group in charge. Or it could be built like a company, with different levels of management.

A better analogy might be government, with not only a hierarchy, but different branches, and a balance of power at the top. The organization usually has a police department that can keep everyone from hurting each other managers who can fire employees that do not perform well.

The president or CEO, must have a vision, a direction for the organization. With this type of reasoning, the brain must have some top brain cells that make sure the person is generally doing what is good.

The top brain cells reference a belief system. This belief system could range from hedonistic to a true believer. These brain cells might communicate with a higher power through their imagination. But here imagination is not taken as making something up, but a channel to a higher spirit or spirits.
When a person loses their internal mental government, they can become mentally ill. Their brain can be spilt with different brain cells at cross purpose with other brain cells.
We do not know how many hierarchies might be in a brain, and if there is a pattern found in most people. Some interesting research could be done in this area.



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