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Chapter 11




A task has to have enough motivation in order to begin the task. The task could be something we have done many times such as going for a walk.  Some tasks are performed so often that they can be classified as habits.

Like fractals, there are tasks within tasks.  There is the major task, the on the next layer, many smaller tasks need to be performed.  The smaller tasks are made up of still smaller tasks.

Most tasks can be broken into three steps.

 First the must be a good reason-- the motivation to start the task.  Do we really need to do it.  Can it wait?  Should I take some time to think about it, or sleep on it first?

 Next different plans need to be explored.  Once a plan is selected, then all the details are evaluated.  The details are sorted out and mini-tasks are modeled and evaluated.

Then the action begins.  Money is borrowed, lumber is purchased, and work area is cleared. 

Then there is a point when the last bit of trash is bagged, and we feel the task is completed. If we are repairing something, tests need to be run to make sure it is a good repair.


Probably each brain cell has another brain cell watching it.  During the motivation, planning, execution process, inspection is taking place. If some part of the task does not ring true, it could need a little adjustment or perhaps it is a show stopper.

 At the neuron cell level, cells that are no longer needed, cells that are doing a bad job, or cells that are redundant are killed. As many 80% of the neurons are killed by the time a person reaches their early twenties.   Synaptic pruning also takes place before the early twenties.  The brain becomes more streamlined and productive. 

The brain is able to forget the unimportant. We don't remember every bad move we have made playing tic-tac-toe.

A summary of the task and inspection processes  is shown in the figure below:


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