Chapter 11

Molding Forces

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We are all subjected to the culture that we live in. The extent of this is much larger than one expect.

We are given a name we did not pick.

We are forced to live in a home, city, state and country we did not pick.

We are forced to deal with relatives we did not pick.

We are forced to honor beliefs we did not pick.

We are made to use a language we did not select.

We are made to wear matching shoes!

Fish only know water out of the tank.

But culture, a common way of doing things, although arbitrary is necessary.  The culture makes arbitrary decisions, like driving on the left or right, particular marks and sounds have certain meaning,.

What is interesting is that culture is so hidden, that many follow it, so much so that they loose their identity.  The girly use of the word cute, for example, has such a broad meaning that anything acceptable becomes dear and sweet.

We are born with built-in programming.  This programming allows the body to function, but it also is critical for learning.  Babies know how to cry.  Children learn a language better than adults.

Even our personality can be determined for us.  Some how we must be born again, and reject our culture and start over, clearing our mind and start out fresh and evaluate our beliefs anew.

Instead of following our biological scripts and cultural norms, can we reinvent ourselves?

Psychological scripts enable us to try things out.  These scripts are designed to fulfill universal personalities called archetypes (Jung).  Thus some people play the role of father, mother, super hero and villain.  As children we play games to learn and grow.  As we form our adult personalities, we produce a composite of all they we have tried and we add more.

The "more" is what this web-site is about.  

The molding forces are no longer in control, but are recognized as tools to produce new goals.

Blind Faith and Selective Attention

The subconscious mind can see and process information without our awareness.   For example, some people can seemly answer any question by just opening the Bible and pointing.  Here the subconscious picks a phrase rapidly without our conscious knowledge. This force is known as selective attention.

Selective attention working on a larger scale can automatically produce faith in what ever feels good.  Thus, for some people, palm reading and astrology feels true and right.   This not only is true for the person reading a palm, but for the client as well.  The client believes because it feels true and right.  But the subconscious is looking for truth and as soon as something is said that is good, the person in control subconsciously picks up on small clues such as changes the muscles of the face.

Selective forces such as selective viewing (seeing many clocks when one is late), selective rewarding (receiving phrase) pairing pleasure wi  

In selective viewing, one might every clock as one drives down the street because they are late. You might see (actually notice) a lot more red Fords than normal, mainly because you just brought one.

In selective rewarding an animal such as a bear is given a food pellet when the animal approximates a wanted behavior.

So what does this have to do with molding forces.  When a husband receives smile from his wife or kids when he approximates a behavior his is being trained without knowing it.  This is the power of love.  It is a prime ingredient in generation of molding forces.  If we go outside the culture of the family, we can interpret a smile as a force and ruin the family relationship.  So to be in love means to be in the culture of another person.  


So is love a form of hypnotism ?  There are two basic forms of hypnosis. One is self induced and the other induced by someone else. In either case, you make the conscious mind bored, really bored; busy, but really bored.  Look into spiral that is moving, or a rocking shinny key chain.  After a short time, the subjective mind takes over.  The subject mind is the part of the mind that takes orders and does not question anything.

Being hypnotised is very relaxing and can be truly euphoric.  We hypnotize ourselves as we fall asleep.  We get bored and tired, and the subjective mind takes over.  For example, light hypnotism can take place during boring sermons, rhythmic music, and in Sufi practices such dancing, whirling and head movements. Mass media advertising and programming exploits hypnotic techniques.  

Subjective and Subconscious Minds

What is the difference between the subjective mind and subconscious mind?  The subconscious mind is the push behind the conscious mind.  It remembers and acts on its memories.  It makes us decide when we think we are choosing.  It is the power for the most of the molding forces we experience.  It learns and helps us blend in to our culture.

The subjective mind is also behind the scenes, yet it cannot think inductively and reach conclusions from a group of facts. It wants and requires orders, and then uses deductive reasoning to take care of detail.  In other words, if you think about a glass of water you might find that you got a glass of water with very little thought. The subjective mind contains scripts and it just reads the get a glass of water script for you.  When we are hypnotised, the subconscious and conscious minds are at a low level and we just follow orders, our own (like chanting) or someone else (such as instructions from an operator).

How to Protect Yourself From Molding Forces

When you are bored and have to set through a religious service, political speech or messages from mass media, remember you are subject to being programmed.  

Do not eat a lot of sugar when you are at a church or temple.  A sermon is made more effective if cookies and donuts are served. The sugar in these foods raise the blood sugar, trigger the pancreas gland which gets rid of the blood sugar by injecting insulin in the blood. The problem is that pancreas gland goes into overkill and soon there is very low levels of blood sugar. In this state one feels weak, a little dizzy and sleepy.  Low blood sugar creates hunger. Bonding can occur more easily when people share good food. So your subjective mind become open as you have fun, so make sure the fun you have are with people who think for themselves.

Being hypnotized can be dangerous. For example, getting bored driving could prove fatal.  More over, do not drive when sleepy or bored.  Stop and go for a walk. Call someone while parked. It could save your life.

One way to block the process is to stop the process. Get out of the car and walk. Turn off mass media, rethink your religious beliefs and political ideas.  Chant or sing to yourself to block the message. You do not have to listen or believe. Truth comes from inside you. Stay free.

But this does not mean you have to invent your truth.  Visit lots of places and select the one that seems to hold the most truth for you and reserve the right to change your mind.

Vehicles of Transendence

Induced belief systems do not need to be true or be tested. If we go to a flying saucer group, and we can get molded . We might believe in the power of extraterrestrial and this belief will change our station or level of consciousness. The belief was a catalyst, but not part of the reaction or in other words did not have to be true. These beliefs work even if they are not true and are called "vehicles of transcendence" (coined by Eugene Taylor).  



The Objective and Subjective Minds

In the organization of the mind, there is a hierarchy.  The higher level is the objective part that directs the lower subjective mind.  The subjective mind is hypnotized by the objective mind.  

If the left side of the brain is dominate it becomes the objective mind and the right side of the mind becomes subjective.  In this case everything is thought in terms of being logical.

If the right of the brain is dominate it becomes the objective mind and the left side of the mind becomes subjective.  In this case everything is thought in terms of feeling and logical thoughts are used only when needed.

Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Deductive Reasoning is based on a general rule.

Inductive Reasoning is based evidence that supports a general rule.

Thus we have been using inductive reasoning in our proof of a spiritual dimension.

Religion That Hypnotises

When a person is hypnotized the person is often referred to as the subject.  The subjective person is a follower and the objective person is the leader.  The true believers are subjective people.

Churches that use religious dogma use deductive reasoning.  It assumes certain things and then everything hinges of these assumptions.

Dogmatic churches want to hypnotize their congregation and produce subjective people.  These people are hypnotized with religious dogma has been infected by a mind virus.  When infective, the person does not think for themselves.  They do not think about the big ideas, or the history of their church.  They just assume that what is preached is true.

Feeling hypnotized feels good.  You have found truth.  It is like falling in love.

Hypnosis occurs when the conscious mind is put to sleep and the unconscious mind takes over.  The conscious mind is the sun and the unconscious mind is the moon.  The moon comes out every night when we dream.  

During hypnosis the person is bored and this puts moves the sun to sunset. The moon comes out and absorbs what is being said as the real truth.

Churches hypnotize when they make their congregation bored with sing-song preaching, monotonous rituals, and other boring activities.

They claim that the Bible is completely true.  But in reality, the Bible contains the most wise passages, but then turns around and has some of the dumbest and immoral teachings too.  It is a mixture. The clergy selects that which they want to use, and large areas are ignored.  Using the Internet search for dung and the Bible and see what I mean. Someone needs to edit this Book. Why include stuff like God killing babies, and eating of human dung.  The Bible was written when there were salves and when women had few rights.

The conscious mind thinks it is true as the preachers mix in some logic and universal truths such as God is love and the best parts of the Bible.

This is true for all religions, both Eastern and Western.  Only the language changes.  It is true for atheist too.  They just turn the dogma up-side-down and make another dogma of what they do not believe.

Objective Spirituality

The unhypnotized objective mind is awake looking for the truth.  It uses dogma and not inductive reasoning. The subjective mind is in fact always hypnotized. This is the part of the mind that is the true believer. The part of the mind is convinced of absolute truth.  Those who are Bible believers use the subjective minds more than their objective minds.

Visit Lots of Churches and Temples

Each religion has things to teach.  Look for what all the places you visit has in common.  See if the people at the church or temple actually live the life they talk about.  

Try a Buddhist service.  Chant with them. Don't just read about them.


Most religious organizations do good overall.  But a few religious groups are extremists can cause harm.  Though brain washing techniques they make people do things that in ordinary life they would never think of doing. Cults can be recognized by these characteristics:

  • No critical remarks are allowed about their leaders.
  • They keep people away from their relatives and love ones.
  • The group does not use common sense.
  • Normal beliefs such as the justice system, science and family are disregard.
  • The followers live poor while leaders live in luxury.
  • Abnormal beliefs such as free sex may be encouraged
  • All members are intense missionaries.
  • Literature is free in the beginning
  • Advanced literature and courses are very expensive
  • The cult demands all your money
  • The cult wants everyone to renounce family and friends.
  • The cult has many secrets.
  • The group may call themselves a religion for tax purposes
  • The group may hide from exposure by calling their deeper teachings trade secrets.
  • Under the guise of  "new age" teach superstition such as numerology, and astrology.
  • Offer prosperity by magic shortcuts.
  • In summary, cults promote a mixture of some good mixed with evil and often long term unhappiness.

Good Cultures

Cultures are like religions.  They believe in common ideas like they may or not value education.  Rich and peaceful exist for good reasons.

Picture two cultures, one on each of two islands. One island called "Evil" has no religion and the other called "Good Island" has a religion. On "Evil Island" everyone is mean, cheats and lies. There is no credit. Books are filled with lies. There is nothing close to religion. People commit crimes, and everyone lives in fear. There are bars on the windows, and everyone is armed, and dares not leave far from home. The island becomes poorer and poorer. There is very little help between people.

On Good Island everyone believes in truth and being nice to each other. They extend help and credit. Books are filled with helpful truths. There is no crime, and everyone is free from fear. The island becomes richer and richer.

Evil Island becomes poorer and poorer as money to be spent to find the criminals, try the criminals, and jail the criminals. Then people must spend more money to fix the problems caused by crime (as much as they can), and spend additional money to help prevent the future crimes.

Good Island uses the same money for education, better roads, hospitals, new factories, and makes more money based on better conditions.

On Evil Island the people live in constant fear. They are not free to concentrate on what they like to do and are distracted by worry.


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