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Chapter 1 Deepermind
 Philosophical Overview

 Introduction to Deepermind

  Team Thinking vs. Individual Thinking



  The Two Realities

  The Distal World

  The Proximal World


  Differences Between Distal and Proximal Worlds

  All Proximal Worlds are Not the Same

  The Simulation of Simulation

  Spiritual World


  Ordinary Reality and Dreaming 

  Are We Dreaming Our Daytime Dream or Nighttime Dream

  More Than One Proximal Simulation

  The Gestalt View

  Brain Organization

   Task and the Goal Process


   Executive Brain Cells

  Our Soul

  Belief in God

  Link Between Source and Our Soul

  We Need a Reference

  The Inspection Process

  Unbelievers in the Brain

  Self Correcting Departments

  Inspector Getting Out of Hand

  Emotions and Brain Chemicals

  Relationships and Feelings

  Our Reference Can Not Be Changed Easily

  Asking Our Reference System Questions

  Higher Consciousness

   Random Mind





Chapter 2  Introduction
 to Deepermind

Overall Structure of a Human Being

Brain Processes

Reversed Processes

Fractal and Processes

Processes and Life

Cultural Bias Can Make Us Crazy

We are Not Just Brain Tissue

We Can Control the Brain


How Meditation Works

Who Are We?

Our Body

Our Brain is Not Our Self


Facts and Love

Valuable Postulates of Life

Is there anything better the Truth

Dealing with Delusional People

The Way it Is

Starting Over

Yin and Yang and Black and White Thinking

How to Talk to God

Getting God's Message

Its People Not Magic

Older Writings Are Inspirational

How to Old Testament Came to Be

Questioning the Authority of the Bible and Other Old Writings

The Bible is Not Always the Word of God

The Baha'i Faith

The Unitarian Baha'i Association

The Temple within You

So Where is the Truth?

The Principle of Evolution

The Second Evolution, Evolution of Deep Spiritual Insight

The Soul

Prayers and Magic


Magical Words Mean Nothing

So What is Deepermind?

Walking Around Truth

The Word "Meta"

Hard Questions

General Semantics

Science in the Material World or Distal World

Spirituality in the World of Heart of Proximal World

Distal and Proximal Worlds

How Can We Tell if We are Awake and Not Dreaming

Types of Night Time Dreams

We Dream We Have Emotions

We Dream We Have Self Talk

We Dream About Thing That Do Not Exist

We Can Dream Two Dreams and Both are True

The Gestalt View

Chapter 3  More First
 Steps in Understanding

Beyond the Material World, Aliens and the TV Set, The Brain and Signal Processing, Our Soul, Consciousness in Machines, Computers and Consciousness, The Brain and Consciousness, Consciousness

Brain Signal Paths, Interface Analogy, Signal Flow from the Eye, Little Green Man, Russian Dolls and Little Green Men, Resolution of the Little Green Man Problem, Evidence Understanding the Interface

Could the Brain and Soul be Mixed Together? Parts of the Brain, The Interface Itself, Organization of the Brain, Hierarchy of the Brain

Autism and Too Many Brain Cells, Inner Wars and Conflicts,  The Brain Needs a Standard, Authority of the Soul, Second Step in Alcoholics Anonymous, A Story

Consciousness is Primary, Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Higher and Lower Consciousness, The Auditory Mind, Chanting, Can We Stop Thinking?  The Intuitive and Objective Points of View, Meta Thinking and Meta Viewpoints, Personalities

Music, There is So much More to Learn About the Brain, The Great Funnel, Consciousness, One Point and Zero Point, God, one Point Reference, One Thought, One God, Can People Have New Thoughts?

Self-Evident Truth, The Brain Knows What It Does Not Know, On the Top Side of the Page, Thinking in Layers, Enculturation, Where Religion Began, History of Psychology, Philosophy, Does Science and Spirituality Conflict? Optimization, Do We Have Life After Death

The Soul as Drops in the Ocean, Separate Evolution for the Soul.


Chapter 4  Age of the

Science Definition, Non-Material World, Blind Faith is Sinful, An Attack on Science, Astronomy in the Biblical Days, Modern Astronomy,

Young Earth Creationist Theories Debunked, Historical Proofs of an Old Earth, Modern Proofs of an Old Earth


Chapter 5  Evolution

Evolutionary Creationists Attack the
Foundation of Science and Logic

Science Definition, Consciousness is a Different Matter, Two Evolutions, The Evolution of the Soul

The Difference Between Animals and People, Proof of the Evolution of the Human Body and Other Life Forms


Chapter 6  Distal and
 Proximal Worlds

Bliss, When Consciousness Enters the Body, Left and Brains, Access to the Brain, The Complexity of the Brain, Consciousness and the Brain, The Homunculus or Little Green Man, The Mobius Strip and the Little Green Man Problem

Quantum Entanglement and the Little Green Man Zigzags in the Mind/Brain, Signal Flow, Brain Diagram, Brain Hierarchy, The Top of the Brain

Reference Is Essential, Our References, The Ultimate Reference, The Second Ultimate Reference, The Power of the Scientific Experiment, The Third Reference

Our Human Limits of Knowledge and Awareness, And People are Different, Noise in the Brain, Electronic and Brain Noise, Half Our Brain Cells Die, The Magic Tower, Centers i the Brain, Critical Thinking

The Soul, The Gold Standard, Evil and Other Bad Things, The Mystery and Awe, More About Distal and Proximal Worlds, The Distal World of Dreams

Reference, The Sentence in the Box Paradox, Who is Looking at the Proximal World?, Who is Feeling the Proximal World?, Some Ideas in Having a Better Experience in Life

Goodness Exists, Spirit Exits, Different Kinds of Good Feelings, Being Good


 Chapter 7  The Experiencer
 and the Brain

The Body-Mind Problem in History, My View, Definition of the Soul, Definition of Consciousness, Human Awareness, What is the Experiencer?, Modern Monistism -Materialism, I Disagree, Simultaneous Viewpoints

Taking Consciousness Away, Will Power and Chemical Power, Feelings and Consciousness, Conscious Modified by the Material and Nonmaterial World, Types of Consciousness

The Brain is a Add-On House, The Main Goals of Life, Goodness and Kindness, Linking Spirituality with Psychology, Finding the Soul

The Experiencer (Soul) Might be in a Higher Dimension, Higher Dimensional Beings, Entities, One Thing at a Time, So What Happens When We Die?, Is Heaven Constant Bliss? Is There a Hell? What Could Happen

Simpletons and Brain Organization, Thoughts, Churches


Chapter 8  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Maslow's B Values, D Needs Teaching Methods, Self Actualization

Some Thoughts About Maslow, Comparison of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with Chakras and Transactional-Analysis Ego States, Why Hierarchies Might be Fundamental to Understanding the Brain, The Four Agreements


Chapter 9 Good Health

New Age Health Dummies. Bad Doctors. Asymptomatic Disease.  Placebo Effect. Hypoglycemia.  How to Feel Great.  Good Bacteria.  Extreme Health. Yoga.  Smart Eating. Good Food List.  Bad Food List.  Supplements. The Connection Between Health and the Soul. Excellent Food Magazine.


Chapter 10 Waking Up

Freedom, Bible, Waking Up, Mistakes in Translation, Using the Bible to Prove Any Point, The Islamic and Baha'i Faith and Their Books

The Invisible Exists, Nothingness is Also Mapped, Our Two Basic Natures, Brain Cells Organization, Culture and Programming the Subconscious Mind, Is Our Belief System Really Ours?, Hypnosis as a Tool

Most Everyone is Hypnotized By Their Culture, One Truth, Many Vantage Points, Changing Vantage Points through Propaganda, Truths Merge


Chapter 11 Molding Forces

Blind Faith and Selective Attention, Hypnotism, Subjective and Subconscious Minds, How to Protect Yourself From Molding Forces, Vehicles of Transcendence, The Objective and Subjective Minds, Deductive and Inductive Reasoning, Religion That Hypnotizes

Objective Spirituality, Visit Lots of Churches and Temples, Cults, Good Cultures


Chapter 12 Logic and Meaning

Logic and Emotion, Types of Thinking, Logical Thought, False Statements, Appeal to Authority -Catholic Style, There is More To It, The Brain Works with Stories, The Brain Works with Simpletons, Computers and OOPs Programming, Islands of Meaning, Magic, Fuzzy Words, General Semantics, Double Meanings, Context, Words as Tools


Chapter 13 Emotions

Language Confusing, The Plutchik Model.  Various Lists of Emotions,

Other Models of Emotions.  Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Emotions.  Emotional Groups.  H. Shirley's Emotional Groups.  Mapping the Mind.  The Onion of Concern.  List of Emotions and Feelings.  Abraham-Hicks Guidance System. Definition of Feelings. The Little Green Man (Our Perceiving Self).


Chapter 14 Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is Authentic and Substantial, Science and Nature, Types of Research Procedures, Classic Steps in Research, Procedural Problems,  Experimentation

Well Done Experiments , Essentialism, Operationalism, Induction and Deduction, Problems Associated with Medical Testing

Science Requires Accurate Data, Is There Absolute Time in the Universe? Good Science Means Good Numbers,

Yet Science is Never Sure, Evolutionary Theory, Evidence for Evolution, Radioactive Dating Using Carbon Dating, Using Other Materials to Date Rock, Natural Selection


Chapter 15 Astrology vs. Astronomy

Astrology and Astronomy, Constellations and Astrology, The Planets, Motions of the Earth, The North Pole Star Changes, Bad Sky Charts, Astrology Fails as a Predictor of the Future, Free Will, History

More About Precession, Calendar Correction, More About the Ecliptic and the Zodiac, Zodiac in Scientific Astronomy, Two Schools of Astrology, The 13th Sign --Ophiuchus , Astrology Experiments


Chapter 16 Consciousness

Crack in the Cosmic Egg.  Magnificent Aliens.  We are Also Aliens.  Tracing the Optic Nerve.  Food and the Pleasure System, The Pleasure System and Drugs.  Three Major Areas of the Brain. Left/Right Brain Charts.   Soul and Mechanical Connections. Reality and Dreams.

Chapter 17 Occam's Razor Theory

History of William.  Versions of the Theory.  Truth Includes the Observer.  Data and Models.  Beliefs are Models. Unlearning.  Free Will.


Chapter 18 Evolution

Survival of the Fittest.  Incredible Design.  Creationism.  The Old Earth. Evolution.  Are Rocks Smart?  Rocks and Other Spirits.

Chapter 19 Goodness (God) Really Exists


What is Goodness? What is Good Depends on the Relationship, What is Important Determines What is Good, Common Ideas in All Religion Non-common Ideas in All Religions

 Blind Man and the Elephant.  Divinity is the Highest Good. Talking to God.  Tuning of the Soul.

Chapter 20 Selected Religions

Center for Spiritual Living. Unity Church. The Baha'i Faith.  Law of Attraction. Ester Hicks.


Chapter 21 Beautiful Practices

Spiritual Practice, Meditation,  A Simple Breathing Meditation, Chanting Meditation, Spiritual Communication,  God and the Spiritual Dimension. Communion, The Heart Cave, Passion and The Brain Mind Interface.  


Chapter 22 Mistakes in Thinking

I'd be Happier if I Just Had More/Less To Do...  Getting High.  Its Not Me, Its You. Secrets of Happiness.  If there is no God..  What is the Mind and the Soul?  I Will Be Happy When... Nothing is Right. Do Not Want to Change.  I am Too Old.  The World is Scary.  I Will Decide When I Know.  Belief in Luck and other Silly Things.  Mass Consciousness.

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Creation of Deepermind

The Deepermind website was designed and written by George Norwood. Deepermind resulted from a dissatisfaction with the wide gap between religion and science.  Many of the ideas occurred to me as I studied some of these good books.

I have been a member of many religious groups trying to find the truth.  I am a graduate of RCA Institutes, the University of Texas at Dallas (BA in Psychology), and the Center of Spiritual Living.  I  joined almost every major religion and found first hand what is how it feels to be a member.

This Deepermind web site goal is to unify people on this planet in a deeper way.  y seeing things from more than one vantage point, understanding and tolerance begins.  It is difficult to write on such deep subjects that sometimes my grammar becomes secondary and any comments, and additions will be appreciated.

It is also the hope of the author that presenting many ways of connecting what is known together that people will open the door to new vistas of understanding many subjects and see with insight and wisdom that everything is connected.  Your comments are welcomed.


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