A Joke

Don't trust atoms, they make up everything.

Intuitive Theories

People who are not scientific have childlike intuitive theories that are based on their experiences in the world.  Intuitive theories are based on personal insight, and a feeling that it seems true. Intuitive theories are very hard to update with scientific theories.  People who enjoy their scientifically created cell phones, may not give scientific credit to their invention and thus are really hypocrites. 

When we lift something, we think we measuring how heavy it is.  A pound of  steel is perceived heavier than a pound of Styrofoam. Steel is said to have more heft.  Heft is the combination of both density and weight.  Thus something that has less density seems to weigh less.

Things that look bulker seem to weigh more. For instance, a folded blanket seems to weigh less than an unfolded blanket.  The folded blanket is easier to handle and looks bulker. A folded blanket fits in the drawer better too.

Intuitive theories abound in our society. The Bible is not scientific, but was written supposedly by a all knowing God. Intuitive theories are wrong about many things including vaccines, pasteurization, stem cell research, cloning, fertility treatment, genetic modification of food, microbes and pets, antibiotics, pesticides, cryogenics, space exploration, nuclear power, and climate change.  (Ref:
Scienceblind by Andrew Shtulman)

The Bible

All religion and religious books have a history. The Bible has many authors each expressing what they felt was true and important. 

The first Bible, the Old Latin Vulgate, was written in 393 AD by St. Jerome.  Later versions of the Bible were complied by different councils that collected and approved their writings.  The Council of Hippo produced the first Catholic Bible.

The first part of the Bible begins with passage which contain no science. 

Genesis 1:1 states:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

Actually, the planets formed a very long time ago in a cloud of gas and dust. The cloud is called a solar nebula. The cloud was spinning. A clump formed in the center where it was very hot. The clump formed the sun, the star at the center of our solar system. It happened 4,600 million years ago. The rest of our solar system formed later, a little less than 4,600 million years ago.

After the sun formed, there was some gas and dust left over. It came together in smaller clumps. The cloud was still spinning, and the clumps of matter crashed into each other. They stuck together. Some of the clumps grew into planets, including Earth. Earth formed about 4,500 million years ago.

So the Bible seems to be missing the point that the light comes from the Sun.  Or is the Bible talking about the creation of consciousness, and the earth is actually the brain.  Not clear.  The light and darkness is due to the earth spinning on it axis, and this happened as the Earth formed.

Bible Makes God Evil

1 Samuel 6:19 states:

But God struck down some of the inhabitants of Beth Shemesh, putting seventy of them to death because they looked into the ark of the Lord. The people mourned because of the heavy blow the Lord had dealt them.

Why would God kill people for looking into the ark of the Lord.

Bible Says You Can Beat Your Salve

Exodus 21:20-21
Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.

The Bible is such a mess, that a massive rewrite is required.

Christianity Needs Upgrading

This is not an overall attack everything Christian. The love and belief in God promoted by Christianity is great.  But is a crime that Christianity is based on such a primitive Bible.

The idea that heaven is a perfect place makes no sense.  It is like taking dope.  There is no purpose in heaven.  It is just boring.

A New Philosophy

We need a new philosophy that has the best parts of religion and science. Deepermind is part of this effort. The Deepermind philosophy believes in a perfect God who is the ultimate in intelligence, love and wisdom. If we believe that God created everything, then God knows everything.  Science is an attempt to understand what God has created.  God likes us to probe the universe.  The universe is God's true creation, and to know more about God we must embrace science.  

There needs to be something done with Christianity in that is based on non-reality.  It is keeping millions from thinking independently and logically.  People are dying because they are loyal to a dumb beliefs mixed with love and wisdom. Isn't this a shame.

Atheism needs spirituality too.  Atheism produces a spiritual desert where there is no uplifting spirituality to make us fully human.  Atheism is overly bold to assume that it knows what only another God could know.  Atheism ignores the fact that something intelligent made the universe.  The scientists know that the universe is so balanced.  If gravity was a little weaker or stronger the universe would not support life.  It takes intelligence to create all the laws of physics and chemistry.

Did you know that the iron in our blood was created in exploding stars?  This fact needs to be added to the Bible. God made not only the universe but also gave us consciousness.  There is high consciousness and low consciousness.  Right now this is a mystery to science.  Perhaps someone will give us new insight into what it means to be alive and consciousness.  Then this should also be part of the Bible.

In the table below details the "Deepermind" concepts as contrasted with the beliefs of Christianity and Atheism. 



Deepermind Contemporary Christianity Atheism & Agnosticism 
Scientific theories are much better than childlike intuitive theories.  Large part of the teaching is intuitive theory. Based on scientific theories in general.
People who do not have faith in science, have their own intuitive theories that originated during their childhood. One can believe based on someone else's beliefs and not use their own minds as to what is true and false. Some people are skeptical of everything and believe that science has all the answers.  Science says we a just a bunch of chemicals or that our brains are merely a computer.  What happened to having a heart expressing love? 
Emphasis on real science, and wisdom from many sources. Belief in a smart God that can help us be happy, share love and learning.  We dream of a simulated reality created within our brain.  Consciousness may exist in another dimension.  Scientific concepts were not deeply understood. Willing to accept authority over science, and wisdom of other cultures. Emphasize denial, skepticism and reductionism.  Mystical experiences are not scientific. Decisions often based on situational ethics. Authority distrusted.  
God exists, as the universe is mathematical, and created so life can exist. I assume God is smart, gives us insights, love us, and is nice to talk to. The Christian god(s) is said to be all good and merciful yet, according to the Bible, this god kills whole cities, claims it's ok to enslave people and knows no science. Believes that God does not exist or we don't know if God exists. The universe evolved on its own.
For material things science really works.  But there are limits to science. We cannot test intangibles such as goodwill or even the existence of God.  For spiritual matters we have to listen to our heart and do spiritual practices. 
Real Christianity is based on love, and kindness. Belief in church law and the Bible has causes much misery including that caused by wars, enslavement, and arbitrary marriage laws.  Non-believers promote, skepticism and science which is good for material things. But where is the heart? Spiritual feelings need to believed in too, and without them vacuum is greated
Occam Razor is a good way of doing science. The simplest explanations are best.  The heart is there to manifest love and kindness. Fancy words are no substitutes for facts. Blind faith makes one blind.  People need to stop believing in authority and rebuild their own beliefs. Everything is based on Science as if it was a religion. Science is a method of finding the truth. Scientific truth is incomplete and is always changing. 
Learning from the best  sources including psychology, philosophy, different religions and a faith in oneself to pick the best answers.  Believe in continuous revelation. Faith in a single source namely the Bible and church doctrine.  Revelation happened a long time ago. Without a reference point beliefs are all over the place. Being skeptical is rejecting and not thinking.
Making heaven on earth as best we can. Making hell on earth in order to get to heaven where there is nothing to do except bliss out.  Sound like taking dope. Some non-believers make good choices and some fall into hedonism
We have a soul and consciousness.  We have a soul. We have a soul. Some churches believe in  original sin and there are sacraments which bring the soul into grace. There is no concept of a soul.
Continuous deep personal revelation. Frozen revelation. Skeptical revelation.
God created the universe through the big bang. God created the world, a few thousand years ago in six days. Some no-believers are skeptical about the big bang. .
Science is the best way to understand the physical world. Belief in myth, instead of science in the Bible and Church documents. Most no-believers believe in science but there is no requirements.
Believe in using the cognitive psychology triangle (cognitive, emotional, behavioral) to help people clear up what they think, feel and do. Use prayer and the church instead of psychology to clear up their acts, bad thoughts, and feelings. Non-believers are free to do anything, including the use of drugs, and alcohol.  .
God created the universe and just because you asked or try to make a deal, God will not change how the universe works for you.  God can help you change how you work through prayer and guidance. God will not change His universe for you. Prayer means climbing the ladder to God through spiritual work, and once reaching God, having a conversation with God who will provide guidance and inspiration.
Christians believe in the magic of reading prayers, asking God for  miracles just for them, making deals. Christians focus on believing as if it was the most important thing. Non-believers are skeptical of  everything, including good advice.
Bible contains uplifting stories and insight, but also contains errors and was written by people who were inspired by God at different degrees of truth and wisdom. The Bible is the word of God. By careful selection, a person can find something in the Bible that proves almost any point. Non-believers generally do not see anything good in the Bible or religion.
The Christian Bible says that slavery is OK.  In truth it is horrible.  Humans are not animals.  There is no family, no love, nothing to live for many slaves. Read Exodus 20:20-21. Hard to believe what is in this passage. The Bible says slavery is OK and you can beat your slave but its a sin to kill your slave. Non-believers can be quite outspoken about political matters and would probably agree that Slavery is horrible.
Continuous Personal Revelation allows a good person to update what they believe.  The old Bible has been written by inspired people.  Today with science, education and the Internet we know much more than ancient people and can even more inspired (next to God). The Bible cannot be changed. Additions or deletions are forbidden. The Message retells the Bible in contemporary language, but it is a translation never the less. The Skeptical Bible  points out the crudeness, unscientific nature, the contradictions -in the Christian Bible.
Words can have different meaning for different    people. During a conversation it is difficult to convey the whole meaning in our heads. When we talk or write, we must do with most clarity less we fail to communicate.  Some passages in the Bible are mysterious and it seems something is missing there.  Other passages are just wrong, sometimes morally, sometimes scientifically. And some passages are beautiful and full of love. Skeptical atheists are apt to take Bible passages literally. Actually the Bible is a poem about what people thought long ago.
Medicine is judged by its efficacy (how well it works) Truth is judged by what is said and how it stands up.  Christains believe that the Holy Bible is God's word. Since there was little science or education a long time ago, the Bible is a bad source of how the physical world works. It is a better when it comes to our feelings and conduct. Atheists are apt to see things based on their beliefs and experiences. The Bible is in doubt.
Maps are supposed to represent a territory.  Maps can be wrong, out of date, or describe an unknown territory. Witten or spoken words can fall into the same traps.  It is easy to talk about stuff that does not exist. These ideas are found in General Semantics. The Bible is often a map of a fantasy world filled with angels, giants, which takes one away from reality. Believers often feel that the know everything, but suffer from guilt and anxiety. The clergy use science but often do not believe how powerful science is. Churches use computers and cell phones and believe everything in the Bible.  Some atheists lack insight to their very nature. Believing in God is paralleled with the hierarchy of the mind. Atheism takes away any absolute reference to the truth.
God is good. Goodness itself is based on love and truth. We can be be blinded by love but it feels really good. Blind faith may feel good, but what is IS.  One church does not have a corner on truth.  We all see things differently. Some are colored blind. Some are blind to God. It is good we have faith, but be careful. An atheist is often a tolerant soul, one that is not so prejudiced that can see life from many angles and this is good too..
We need some rules.  Unitarians call them Covenants. You comment a sin when you break a rule you have agree to. Our life does not go on forever, and we must measure our actions.  In addition to 10 Commandments, there are the 12 sins in the Bible:

Gula                         -(gluttony)
Luxuria /Fornicatio -(lust, fornication)
Avaritia                   -(avarice/greed)
Tristitia                   -(sorrow, despair,
Ira                           -(wrath)
Acedia                     -(sloth)
Vanagloria              -(vainglory)
Superbia                 -(pride, hubris)
Do we need rules?
There is a spectrum of male and female. Most guys are born that way.  There are guy animals.  But should not preoccupy one self with sex. Sex is a stimulate to the nervous system and we can wear out this part of us. Performing gay acts is sinful.  Not having any sexual outlet, some members perform illegal sex acts. Generally more  tolerant than Christians.
The Baha'is believe in a series of Manifestations: Baha'u'llah, Jesus, Abraham, Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha, and Muhammad.  Each formed a new religion and started a new civilization.  These are not Gods, but touch God, so they can bring God to us. The Trinity is said to be composed of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. But these three parts are different aspects of the one God. In contrast, the Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals and Jehovah's Witnesses believe that there are really three separate Gods.  Do not believe in God period!
Chanting (saying a word over and over again) helps us get rid of negative thoughts and music playing in our heads. By chanting we can learn to control our monkey mind. The Rosary is a form of chanting. Sing-song preaching is similar to chanting and can be hypnotic. Most do not do spiritual practices. or pray.
Meditation (mindless concentration) helps control the mind and emotions. It can be combined with chanting. Christian meditation is a type of prayer where one becomes aware of the revelations of God. Some non-believers meditate on their breath, use mantras, or words like "calm" or even recite gibberish. 
Mindfulness means being fully present, thinking on the one task at hand and not over reacting or being overwhelmed. Mindfulness is being spiritual, concentrating on being close to God and what ever is being done at the moment. Non-believers can concentrate on doing one thing at a time too.
The ideal life is having purpose in life so strong that you forget everything else.  This can happen when fixing something, expecting love, teaching wisdom and otherwise helping others. Christians often focus in on their beliefs and prayers that do not work. You can not pray for good school grade and not study. Blood transfusions save lives. Atheists who have a intense hobby, or passion can have an idea life where they are concentrating on love, wisdom and helping others.
NEW: The brain is made up of hierarchies.  Each is like a tall building.  On the lower levels the workers toil.  On the higher levels principles are considered. Commands and work orders are sent to the  workers from the upper management.  Thus we must be idealistic and practical at the same time.  The brain's activities probably are reflected at higher dimensions in space which little is known about. For the Christian, it is the soul that is considered the essence of a person.  The soul can go to heaven or hell depending on Gods judgment. Only God can study the soul.  The Atheists often use reductionism. Here the body is made up organs, tissue, molecules, atoms, and atomic particles.  Somehow consciousness occurs and we can experience life, but atoms cannot. Consciousness is said to break the cosmic egg that atheists believe in.
Consoling with psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professions allow us to explore our feelings, thoughts, memories, behaviors, and beliefs using various types of psychology theory. The methods are always reviewed to see if they have the best effect.   Consoling is performed by untrained clergy. Guilt is considered normal. Prayer, sacraments, and other rituals have not changed over the centuries.   Consoling is focused on how science effects the person. Atheists have more faith in psycho-theory than the Christians.
A meme is an idea which passes between people without awareness.  We all wear matching shoes, think our culture is the best, tend to eat similar food and so on. Advertising takes advantage of this. This is not part of Christianity and thus overlooked, making memes work better. Various opinions.
Reality is created within our brain.  (World simulator in the brain) Reality is created by the Church Reality is based on being skeptic.
Our reality is a waking dream correlated to our senses, thoughts, and feelings. (The four Agreements.) Reality is real. Just live and don't worry about it.
God is very smart and real. God is arbitrary and real. There is no god.
What Jesus taught are a mixture of myth and love both reflecting a love letter to God. Jesus taught the he was the son of God, His teachings can summarized as the love of God and love of one's neighbor. Generally do not believe in Jesus.
We could exist on a consciousness layer (a Charka): fear, sex, power, love, teaching, intuitive, being with Source) After committing a sin there is guilt and worry about going to hell. Do not feel guilt for committing a sin.
The four agreements (Don Ruiz):
Be impeccable with your word, do not take anything personally, don't make assumptions, always do your best.
The rules are those in the Bible including the Ten Commandments. Catholics have church rules called precepts. There is law, but no spiritual rules.
Old universe (13.787 billion years old). Due to the speed of light we can see back in time. We can see the oldest galaxy (GN-z11) that existed 13.4 billion years ago.  So we can witness most of the big bang. Young universe. The earth was dark so the sun formed after the earth. The universe was created in 6 days about 2,000 years ago. No science here. Believe in the big bang and the old universe.
I invite you to watch Sadhguru on YouTube.  There are many videos.  He and I agree on most topics.  He combines science and spirituality in a beautiful way. Most Christians are not ready to appreciate Sadhguru.  He is opposed to religious dogma, but instead is spiritual and scientific at the same time.  This is very unusual in our culture. Most agnostics and atheists wll have trouble understanding things not addressed in a purely scientific context. The meaning of life is not "scientific" but it is most important thing to know.

Continue to the Deepermind Book for more details and explanation.  This book is a work in progress, so pardon the mistakes.

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