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Chapter 5

Evolutionary Creationists Attack the
 Foundation of Science and Logic


Science Definition

Science is our way of describing, as best we can, how the material world works.  It is based on logic. It requires careful observation, logical thought and clever experiments. No matter how smart you think you are, how famous you think you are, if your idea disagrees with the experiment, you are just wrong.

(There is more than the material world.  Our sense of being alive, our feelings, our heart is different from the material world.  Our consciousness is not currently in the realm of science, so we are not talking about spirituality or consciousness here.)

If we look at the bones of animals, there are striking similarities.  The human hand has bones similar to the bones found in most mammals.



Consciousness is a Different Matter

I met a women who though she was just atoms and molecules.  She was a very strong materialist and a devote atheist.  So I asked her "Can I call you brain tissue."  "No" she said.  "Call me by my name, or refer to me as you, but not brain tissue."

Joseph Pearce wrote a book titled "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind and Reality (2002).  The crack is produced by consciousness.  It is not matter, energy and does not exist in space, and can not be seen as moving, so it does not exist in time either as we know it.

Two Evolutions

So one idea might be that there is a separate evolution for consciousness and another for our bodies.  One for the soul and one for the body.  Then it does not matter if we evolved from lower animals.  The body is just the interface between us (our soul or consciousness) and the material world.  It is like a spacesuit.

The Evolution of the Soul

Just as the body as evolved from lower forms, the soul evolves from lower forms also. If we define the soul as that mechanism that permits awareness and decision making (will p owner), then this power increases with the wiser of people.  Young children have a soul that is grounded in simple relationships (I love mommy and daddy), and matures so that more profound questions are asked and more importantly profound answers are also found.

One can only speculate on how we became human enough to know God.  At one time the pre-human was like a feral cat or dog, afraid of everything and non-trusting.

With the discovery of love and service, people have learned more


The Difference Between Animals and People

One of the main differences between animals and people, is that animals have to be bribed with food pellets to act "smart".  A monkey can be trained to point at pictures or use sign language, but it takes a hungry animal and bits of food to make the animal learn.

Most people love to learn.  Children speak without constant incentive.  We explore because we want to.  We dream and some claim to connect with the Source of it all.

People can generate ideas from a almost limitless variety of words and concepts.  People can combine and mingle knowledge of all sorts of things with all kinds of ideas.  We can use symbols to represent and remember our thoughts.  We can think abstractly.  We can feel spiritual and touch deeply within us. 

Animals are limited.  Dogs and cats are like little children in some ways that never grow up.  Look into a pet's eyes.  There is something there.  I am sure that they have feelings and have little souls too.

Proof of the Evolution of the Human Body and Other Life Forms

1) We share DNA with all forms of life.

2) There is a fossil record, with the simplest fossils in the oldest rocks.

3) Sharing of genetic code.  Humans have 96% of their genes in common with chimpanzees, 90% with cats, and 75% with mice.

4) As embryos, humans, dogs, snakes, fish, monkeys, eels and many more life forms have common features such as gill slits, tails, and beginnings of a spine.

5) Bacteria can build up a resistance to antibiotics through evolution.  That is why we need new flu shots every year.

6) Comparative anatomy.  For example the same bones of the hand are found in humans, cats, whales and bats.

7) Basic chemistry of cells.  All cells is incredibly similar showing all Earth's organisms share a common ancestry.

8) Related organisms are clustered near one another, because they come from a common ancestor.

9) Molecular structure and gene sequences are similar even for very different organisms.

10) The study of fossils details the changes of living creatures through time.

11) Radioisotope dating estimates the dates in fossils and that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old.


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