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There are good things about Christianity.  It makes the heart feel pure, gives us hope.  It is an energy of love and friendship.  It helps us feel holy and wise.

 There are some bad things about Christianity too.  Christianity is at war with science.  Why?  Since God made the universe, you would think that science would be a way of learning about the universe that God created.

The universe is the most important relic of God. It contains so many laws of nature that can be captured in simple algebraic equations. The universe was designed so that it can support the rich array of life, including ourselves.

Instead Christianity believes in the Bible written by mere humans thousands of years ago, a better truth than science.

 Christianity has been really hostile to science for some unknown reason.  The clergy in Galileo time, thought that the first astronomers were looking up the skirts of God when they looked though their telescopes.

 So for some reason, the Bible was considered as the most holy document.  Why?  It has so many errors and is completely out of date with modern knowledge.

 For example, Bible talks about a "firmament" in the sky.  The word is mentioned 17 times in the King James Version of the Bible.

The firmament idea is so outlandish. It is supposedly a solid dome-like structure that contains a vast Ocean of Heaven. So, according to the Bible, what makes it rain is when God empties some of the water out of the Ocean of Heaven. So we need no clouds, just pray to God and he will pull out the drain from the the Ocean of Heaven.

So why does the clergy freeze their teachings and tell everyone they have the truth?

Probably just to keep it from unraveling. Best never admit that anything about Christian dogma is wrong. Any updates would be pure heresy.

If the churches changed their mind, and allowed science into the teachings, how much harm would that do?  It would actually strengthen the church. Teachings about the universe could be updated, teachings of the heart would not.  You could have it both ways.

For the Unbeliever

It is very logical to believe in love.  Love gives us hope and feels good. Helping people brings the helper happiness.  People want someone to encourage them.  Doing the right thing is really noticed.

Skepticism is negative.  So is reductionism. Saying that people are just bags of chemicals or heaps of atoms is again negative. Very negative.  One should consider the effects of speech.

One should consider how we start thinking about something.  First we have a impulse to think the thought which is a feeling.

Aimless thoughts have no direction, and have unknown results.

By believing that some feelings, thoughts and actions are better than others, we now have direction and have predictable results.

For the Believer

Great feelings can be gained in believing in science too.  Using logic and science can make you appreciate how a cell phone was made and the great minds that made it happen.  Without logic would you not be like a baby, just having feelings without the substance of knowing how to think for yourself.  A baby cannot have an adult conversation. 

You can love what your religion is about emotionally, and still disagree with stuff that is just wrong.  For instance, when the Bible says that light swept over the earth, know that the stars were there first (including the sun) and there was light on the earth as the earth before the earth was created.

Seek knowledge and it will set you free.  Knowledge of the material world will set you free and make you a better person.

The Subconscious Mind is Tricking You

Whatever you currently believe is embedded with the desire of the subconscious mind.  This mind is normally in the unconscious realm and is making you believe in whatever you currently believe in.  Set yourself free by talking to this part of you mind that is freezing what you believe.  Expand you beliefs so they encompass both emotions and logic. 

It is easy to do. Just feel love when it comes to spirituality, and strive for the mastery of knowing what is real and scientific at the same time.

If you subconscious will not allow you to change, you can bypass it through chanting, or by stepping away from what that little voice is saying by changing the subject.

The first step is to take the first step.  This means you must motivate yourself to care enough to learn about how to trick the subconscious to work for you. 


Whether you are a religious zealot, or a strong skeptic, try to imagine how you came to be what your are.

Most of us are strongly influenced by our parents and teachers. Ideas enter us, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. Memes enter us indirectly. 

A meme is like a computer virus.  Doing something innocently on a computer such as reading an email or clicking on a link, is enough to get your computer infected.

A meme can be triggered by a reaction to something you say or do.  The meme generator is a person who has authority, and can use small gestures to show strong disapproval.

We can employee meme detectors within our own minds to help us stay protected from memes.

A typical meme might be felt as a compulsion to always wear matching shoes. Probably when we where a small child we tried on on two different shoes.  If we showed them to someone, they would make of funny face, and from that point on, you feel that you must wear the same pair of shoes.  Everyone does.  Everyone got the same meme the meme was a very much a success. 

As the number of memes grow within us, we conform more and more.  The unconscious can also have random thoughts and that like memes, generate thoughts that make no sense and are not necessary.  These random thoughts some people call the monkey mind, because it causes the conscious mind to be idle chatter.  The monkey mind is an unnecessary nuisance. For instance, might be a thought about arithmetic for no reason or a silly nursery rhyme that is going around and around in your head. Or it could be a worry that keeps popping up about something you can do little about.

Tricks to Fighting Memes, Silly Thoughts and Worry

One of the best ways to get rid annoying mind chatter is by chanting. Our conscious mind can only think one thing at a time.  So if you repeat, "it is nice today" or better yet a mantra over and over again you can busy out any intrusion into the conscious mind.  

Another trick is to deflect the mind into thinking about something else.  Going for a walk, eating a snack, reading a few pages in a book, can break the chain.

Having Mindfulness

One way to fight thoughts that are not helpful in general is to be mindful. This means you do one thing at a time, take life slowly and concentrate on what is going on.  It is helpful to appreciate the small things in life, the color of objects and beauty of a cat's face, and fantastic engineering it takes to make a road..

Memes on Steroids

If you listen to the radio or watch TV a lot you are exposed to massive amounts of memes. There are insidious.  Talk shows shower us with more memes.  Many religious programs try to control your mind.  If this was an ordinary conversation, you could rebut what is being said, but talking back to your radio or television set is of no help.

Not Caring

Many unbelievers simply do not care about spirituality. Some feel empty inside and try do something to avoid this emptiness. Some using mind altering drugs.  The mind is altered when on drugs and the buzz of being "smoke up" numbs the mind.  In this state they miss the feeling of being truly alive.

They can act as memes from the body itself.  Although pleasure may occur, the overall harmful results can more than offset the pleasure. 

Getting Wrong Information Via the Internet

Most people reinforce what they already believe when they using the Internet. Also Google tailors certain websites such as the news based on your surfing history. Skeptical, religious and conspiracy websites attract like minded people.  To get out of the rut, you might go to sites with the opposite point of view.

Children Keep Things the Same Way

Children have trouble censoring what they learn. For example, the learn their first language just as it is.  They do not try to improve it.  They are taught the right way to speak and spell words.

Childre also generally pick up on their parents religion. Often they are taught to say their prayers before sleeping.  This sets them up believing in that words in themselves are powerful forces. Words can greatly influence the mind as they create placebo effects. But asking God to change the universe just for us is silly. If God did change the rules of the universe, it would probably blow up.

My Authority

Some readers might wonder what gives me the right to say what I believe.  I am a truth seeker. I have joined many religions.  I have been a Baha'i, a Catholic, a Sufi, a Buddhist and a Hindu.  I have taken intense courses in spirituality at the Center of Spiritual Living (used to be called Religious Science).

I also have been a technical writer trained in science for over 40 years.  I have a degree in psychology.  I have an equivalent degree in electronic engineering. 

As you can see I like to solve problems and have a lot tenacity to search for the truth. 

Read on, and learn about how to be happy, what is real, and get some insight about consciousness.

Oh yes, I believe in in my own vision of God who is extremely smart, loving, and always good.


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