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Updated August 28, 2020

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SCIENCE Note: YouTube links below are samples of related videos.  
Numberphile - Interesting math videos on YouTube.  One of the best is the Enigma Machine.  Math was used to break the code.  
Mathlogger  -This particular video challenges a Numberphile episode that says 1+2+3... = -1/12  
Joe Scott  - Eyeball Planets - Joe is very smart science guy, who loves space and many weird things.  
Vsauce  -Michael Stevens, creator of the popular YouTube Channel Vsauce, gives you a peek inside of his very curious brain.  He is smart, creative, and zany.  
Veritasium  -Is there a 9th Planet?  Similar to Vsauce, but more concerned with physics.
Technology Connections  -Is brown really a color?   
CGP Grey  - This video is unique.  The author got the basic premise of the Tekoi Test Range wrong. It shows how hard it is to make a video when information is hard to find.  
Computerphile - DNS Cache Poisoning. Similar to Numberphile, but the subject is computers.  
Be Amazed - Unique Borders shows video of countries within countries.  Other videos are truly amazing.  

Deep Sky Videos  M1 - Crab Nebula Many astronomical videos

Sixty Symbols - The Runaway Star - More astronomical videos  
Wendover Productions - China's Geography Problem - Other videos explain the historical and geographic reasons countries have evolved.   
Other Similar Videos to Those on Vsauce

Strange Sounds Skipping Rocks on Ice
Linda Grace's Hypnotic Video on Reducing Insomnia

Affirmations of Self Love
Ajai Alai Mantra  
Jai-Jagdeesh sings Aad Guray Nameh at Sat Nam Fest 2011  

Namo Avalokiteshvara | Plum Village | Dreamforce 2016


Tina Turner - Lotus Sutra / Purity of Mind (2H Meditation)

Pros & Cons  
Daily Comics from AZ Central  
AcraMax Comics  
Ripley's Believe It or Not  (Requires mouse click to scale the page)

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