Andriod Cell Phone Tips
Updated June 30, 2013

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The android phones are more flexible than the iPhones and can be customized a little more.  There is only one manufacture of iPhones, and one iPhone store.  Andriod phones are made by many manufactures, and you can buy android apps from many sources.

In picking a cell phone carrier a person should consider two main parameters.  One is coverage and the other is price. For many areas, including the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, ATT and Version have the best coverage as they tend to operate on lower frequencies than T-Moble and Metro PCS and Sprint.

Instead of using a store front cell phone carrier, you can choose a mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) instead.  You set them up over the internet yourself.  You save one half to one third your monthly payment.  

An example is Red Pocket. This is how it works.  You buy a phone on E-bay or somewhere instead of a store front. You must also purchase a SIM card.  The next step is to connect your own phone to the MVNO which requires some know how.

Store fronts have hidden charges and taxes they add on to your quoted price.  Where a MVNO might charge $65 a month, and for the same service, a store front might charge $80 a month plus $20 in taxes and other hidden charges.  The could be a connect and disconnect fee.  You pay extra for how much you think you will download. One 1G is usually plenty you most people don't watch movies as they drive through the country.   

In many cases, you do not need to connect to a service provider if you always are within range of your wifi.  (I believe that there are apps that will use your wifi/internet connection for a phone connection.) If you disconnect your service provider, you can still use wifi without downloading anything new.


I recently bought a S3 Samsung phone. My former phone was a hTC EVO 4G from Sprint.  Sprint made my old EVO obsolete and provided poor data coverage and speed. The S3 proved was much faster and had a lot more memory and a better camera.

The phone screen can be changed by using a home screen launcher. I use Apex Launcher instead of the default Touch Wiz home app.  With Apex I can easily make folders similar to those on a PC.  You can customize you home screen and set it up the way you want to.

An app called Home Switcher allows you to switch between launcher applications.

The fastest browser app is NineSky V2.5.1.  It does not block ads, but with the Firefox app you can use you can bypass most adds by installing the add-on called Adblock Plus.

More S3 Tips


The S3 and most newer phones have a lot of memory and so usually additional memory is not needed.  The additional memory is called  Secure Digital (SD) memory.  You can move many but not all apps to SD memory from phone memory.

You install the SD chip memory to augment memory.  The phone memory is built into the phone.  With the EVO I was stuck needing 134 megs of memory and could not load any more applications.


With Android phones you can download apps from AppBrain App Market or from Play Store.  Play Store comes with the phone.  You down load the AppBrain App.


On a computer its called a desk top.  On a smart phone its called a home screen.  Apex as I said works well.  With my EVO I used LauncherPro Plus


There are apps that save your batteries by turning off apps and other users of power such as the cell phone radio.  If you buy a phone make sure you can replace the battery.


Google Sky (pre-loaded)
Mobie Observatory
Deluxe Moon
Phones of the Moon
Google Earth
Telescope (uses cell phone camera as a telescope)
GPS Status
Sun Spots
3D Sun
Earth, Sun and Moon Lite.


Scanner Radio
WinAmp (has 11,000 radio stations)
Sound Meter


Quick Settings
Apex Settings
Ad Detector
Speed Test
Wifi Analyzer
App Market (3rd party)
Play Store (offical app store)


Weather Bug
Weather Channel
Weather Wundergorund
KY3 Weather
RadarScope ($10)


Talking Translator
Mute Ringer (turns off the ringer and restores it automatically after a set time)
Voice recorder
AquaMail Pro
AppMgr (EVO)
Area Codes
RealCalc Scientific Calculator  -really good calculator


Bookmark Tree Manager

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser  -you can sync it to your big computer

TV Antenna Helper FREE


News Republic

Mini Uninstaller

Skyfire Web Browser



Dolphin Browser

Android Assistant

Android Assistant  Lets you know much resorces you are using, the processes, and some tools

Google Maps -this comes with the phone

CraigsList Brower

Andy-86 -calculator

Gaia GPS Lite (Topo Maps)  -old geological survey maps of where you are

Hex Converter Plus

Camera Fun Pro  -you photoshop your camera view

Fractional Calculator  -great for fractions

Camera Advance Lite

Best Apps Market

Algeo graphing calculator

Mobile Observatory  -astronomy good one


Recipe Calculator

My-Cast Weather Classic

Spanish Tanslator

Handcent SMS

Scanner Radio  -great app

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis  -try to play doctor for real

Mute Ringer -you can mute ring for various times

Lookout Mobile Security

ChaserTV Live

Yahoo! Weather

Storm Chaser SPC Outlook App

Basic  -you can create basic programs on your phone!

ElectroDroid -very good app for electronics

Mediafly  -lots of video news

arXiv droid -science on your phone

all-in-1-Calc Free  -calculator program with a huge number of keys

Storm ChaserCentral

Storm Chaser Weather

Math Formulary

Now and Then -Date Calculator

XpressConnect -does not seem to work

Navy Clock II  -really exact time

Sidereal Time  -star time, star rev one less day per year, so sidereal days are 4 minutes longer

Arity calculator

IMDb Movies & TV

MoonSHine Free

Bluetooth File Transfer -does not seem to work

Watchdog Task Manger

Wikidroid for Wikipedia

Ham  -solar and calculated band conditions, call lookup via QRZ

UTC Time

Statistics Expreess Pro

Quick Connect -great phone program

Magic Eye 3d -see 3d patterns


Droid Dictionary /w WiKi Webcipe

US Traffic -don't use this much

EchoLink  -hams talk to hams

Quick Settings -good program

Radar Now!

Bookmarks to SD

Adblocker (Beta1) for Dolphin HD

Latest Quakes -good

Ride Tracker -so so

AskPhil -if you like to think

Voice Search

TuneIn Radio

Cell Mapper 2

Opera Mini Web browser

Science Friday

Police Scanner Radio

Super Ruler

Scanner Buddy


Text Edit

StopWatch & Timer

Math Ref

MFT Graph WOrld


Urban Dictionary

Signals -10codes and many more

Critter Browser

Google Translate

Barcode Scanner

Solar and Moon Calculator

TV on Android -not sure this works

Multi Lang Dictionary

Translate & dictionary Add-On- needs ColorDict apps

Battery Widget -great app

GPS Status & Toolbox -cool program

Gmail Notifier -great app

ES File Explorer

Area & Volume Calculator

Droid48 0calculator

IP Subnet/Supernet -IP calculator

Roman Numeral Calculator -good calculator

LangLearner Spelling -learn to spell

Messier Objects -good astronomy program

EarthGeoMagetic Calculator

Living in the sun

Flash Player

OS Monitor

Spanish Translator

ColorDict Dictionary

Send Position, with Google Maps

Smart Compass

ES Tak Manager


ScanLife Barcode Reader


Kitchen Timer

Rainy Days


Clear Sky Droid

Texas Storm Chasers

Date Status Bar

My-Cast Weather Lite

Computer Troubleshooter

NYTimes for Android

Tape Ruler

OpenFlight Map (will not turn off)

Google Search

Call Confirm -great app

Book Catalogue -pretty cool to organize your books

CellGuard Free

Area Codes -find them

Periodic Table Droid

Street View on Google (in maps, click on map and click again, must be connected to wifi)

NASA Astronomy Pic of the Week

Amateur Radio Calls



Vegetarian Recipes

Maps Ruler

SDO: Solar Dynamic

WiFi Scanner RSS

Unit Converter - ConcertPad

iMap Weather

TED Mobile -excellent talks

Voice Text

handyCalc Calculator


MedCalc 3000EBM Stats

MFT Graphic Lite World

Computer and IT Quiz

Mangman Classic

Science Facts

spirit level + clinometer

TV flash

Oxford dictionary

Wikipedia Add-On

Crossword Solver


Mobile Recipe Search

Statistic Review FREE

Wifi Analyzer



Calculus Tools

Startup Cleaner 2.9

Super Simple Stopwatch -good program

Heavens Above $

Deluxe Moon $

Where Did I Go $
Star Chart $

Smart Tools $

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