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The android phones are more flexible than the iPhones and can be customized a little more.  There is only one manufacture of iPhones, and one iPhone store.  Android phones are made by many manufactures, and you can buy Android apps from many sources.

In picking a cell phone carrier a person should consider two main parameters.  One is coverage and the other is price. For many areas, including the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, ATT and Version have the best coverage as they tend to operate on lower frequencies than T-Mobile and Metro PCS and Sprint.

Instead of using a store front cell phone carrier, you can choose a mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) instead.  You set them up over the internet yourself.  You save one half to one third your monthly payment.  

An example is Mint. This is how it works.  You buy a phone on E-bay or somewhere instead of a store front. You must also purchase a SIM card.  The next step is to connect your own phone to the MVNO which requires some know how. Mint price is only $15 a month. AT&T plans range for $36 to $51 a month.

Store fronts have hidden charges and taxes they add on to your quoted price.  Where a MVNO might charge $15 a month, and for the same service, a store front will give you a phone for free and then charge might charge $120 a month plus $20 in taxes and other hidden charges.  The could be a connect and disconnect fee.  You pay extra for how much you think you will download. One 1G is usually plenty you most people don't watch movies as they drive through the country.   

In many cases, you do not need to connect to a service provider if you always are within range of your wifi.  (I believe that there are apps that will use your wifi/internet connection for a phone connection.) If you disconnect your service provider, you can still use wifi without downloading anything new.


I recently bought a A52 Samsung phone. Back in 2013 I had a  hTC EVO 4G from Sprint.  Sprint made my old EVO obsolete and provided poor data coverage and speed. I upgraded in 2013 to a Samsung S3 which proved was much faster and had a lot more memory and a better camera.

The phone screen can be changed by using a home screen launcher. For example, I use the Apex Launcher  app instead of the default Touch Bixby.  With Apex I can easily make folders similar to those on a PC.  Using Apex you can customize you home screen and set it up the way you want to.

An app called Home Switcher allows you to switch between launcher applications.

The best browser app is Brave.  It block ads,  and allows you free access to YouTube without paying anything.


Daff Moon
Moon Facts
Moon Phase
Date Calculator
Ski Wiki
Astronomy Cosmology


Wifi Analyzer
App Market (3rd party)
Play Store (offical app store)


RadarScope ($9.99)
NOAA Weather
 -really nice format, chart and maps


Mute Ringer
-turns off the ringer and restores it automatically after a set time

Blue Mail -free

RealCalc Scientific Calculator   -really good calculator-

HIPER Calc Pro -$3.99, Easy to use, does calculus, and stats. Realy Good

Area Codes

Google Maps -this comes with the phone


MySidereal Time  -star time, star rev one less day per year, so sidereal days are 4 minutes longer

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