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Solar Weather

Software Defined Radio (SDR)
 On-Line Radio (Free Radio)

Enschede Netherlands (0 - 30Mz)

Kiwi SDR Map (Hundreds of SDRs on-line)

Whitmore California SDR Online

Video Tutorial SDR On-Line

RTL Sharp SDR Tutorial

Other WebSDR Links: Web Based Radio Links

Ham Radio Secrets

Skywave Linux

Grimsby SDR

Local Sidereal Time Calculator
 Example 96.8976 W



Ham Radio

The Physics Classroom

Astronomy On Line

Phys.Org News

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Ohms Law and DC Circuits

AC Theory with Calculus

Electronic Tutoral

Science Hobbyist

What is Wrong with K-6 Text Books

AC6V Radio Reference Guide
QRZ Headlines
QRZ's Practice Amateur Radio Exams

Ham Radio Practice Testing (AA9PW)
Ham Band Allocation Chart (PDF)
Ham Radio Phonetic Alphabet

Echo Link (Ham radio via the Internet)
Morse Code Generator Program
Directional Radio Fox Hunting

Phonetic Numbers and Letters
PSK31Software Download

USA PSK31 Frequencies Region 2:
       1.807 MHz
        3.580 MHz
        7.070 MHz
      14.070 MHz
      18.100 MHz
      21.070 MHz
      24.920 MHz

Region 1 = Africa, Europe, Middle East,
                     Northen Asia
Region 2 = Americas including USA
Region 3 = Austraila, Most of Asia, Pacific Islands 

NASA and Network Security

Astronomy and Space Weather

Solar Physics

Picture of the Day

Network Security Tutorial Video

Moon Phases

Solar Ham

Space Weather

Stellarium -Great Planetarium Program

Dallas, Fort Worth Ham Radio

SMisc Informations

Garland    Meets 4th Monday 7:30
Plano    Meets 3rd Monday 7:30
Richardson    Meets 2nd Monday 7:00

Dallas    Meets 1st Tuesday 7:00
Irving    Meets 4th Thursday 7:00
Fort Worth    Meets 1st Thursday 7:00 in Azal

ARRL List of Local Clubs
2 Meter Repeaters Dallas Frequencies
440 MHz Repeaters Dallas Frequencies

Other Repeaters, Police Frequencies
RACES Frequencies (Cloud Cowboy Ref Manual) 

Citizen Band Frequencies (30 Channels)

Short Wave Beacon Frequencies

Radio Locator -AM FM Radio Stations

Clear Channel AM Radio Stations

WinAmp -Play MP3 Files (Not Verified)

QUAM Quadrature Modulation (QUAM)
The Modulation used in Internet Cable Networks


Time, Chemistry, Biology

Deepermind Weather
NOAA Weather Radio Map for Dallas - Fort Worth

Official US Time Clock
Light Spectrum of the Elements

Chemical Elements
More Chemical Elements
Biology Animation Videos


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