Current Shortwave Conditions

Updated June 19, 2023
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Current Band Conditions
and Solar Weather
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GMT -- Greenwich Mean Time
SFI -- Solar Flux Index Radio Emissions at 2.8 GHz
           Less than 100: Weak solar activity
                  Poor HF Band Reception
           100 to 150: Moderate solar activity
                  Fair to Average HF Band Reception
           150 to 200: High solar activity
                   Good HF Band Reception
SN --  Sunspot Number
           Less than 50: Low solar activity
           50 to 100: Moderate solar activity
           Over 100: High solar activity
A --     Ap Index - Geomagnetic Activity Over 24 Hours
           caused by solar storms.
           Less than 10: Quiet
           10 to 30: Active
           30 to 50: Geomagnetic Storm
           More than 50: Severe Geomagnetic Storm
K --    Kp Index - Instantaneous (3hr avg) Geomagnetic
          Activity caused by solar storms
          0-1 Very Quite
          2-3 Quiet
          4-5 Unsettled
          6-7 Active
          8-9 Major Storm
X-Ray --  Types of X-ray emissions from the Sun
                indicated by a letter and a number which
                indicates strength.
         A   Small and weakest, minimal impact
         B   Moderate
         C   Intermediate strength, minor HF disruptions
         M  Stronger with perhaps bright auroras
         X   Powerful and intense.  Can cause significant
              disruptions in radio, satellite, and power grids.
304A --  Total solar radiation in UV range.
         80 Poor
         150 Good
         240 Fabulous
Ptn Flx -- Proton Flux in Solar Wind
          0.10 Good
          2.0   Moderate
          20.0 Heavy
Elc Flx  --  Electron Flux in Solar Wind
         Less than 1000 little impact
         More than 1000 heavy impact
Aurora -- Aurora Possibility
          0 to 10
          with <2 low confidence, >2 high confidence
Bz B sub z  Interplanetary magnetic field vector
         perpendicular to Earth orbit
SW -- Solar Wind average speed
       >500 impacting HF, range 0 to 1000
MUF -- Maximum Usable Frequency  in MHz
            6m blue, 4m green, 2m EU yellow, 2m NA red,
            gray = no activity.
            updated every 30 min
MS -- Meteor Scatter, indicated by Min-Max color scale
           below it.  Gray is no activity. 
          Updated every 15 min
Signal Noise Level --- logarithmic measurement in 6db
          increments of then noise generated by solar wind,
          compared with noise floor.
(Source Brass Tacks and AI ChatGPT)

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